Monday, 3 June 2013

Project Diet Update - 2

I haven't done a diet update all month so this post is well overdue. As you can tell by the little weight loss tracker over there somewhere >>>>>> I have stuck to my diet and am losing weight every week.

My diet has changed since I started. I am no longer doing the 5:2 diet, I fell off the wagon with it and haven't got back on but I would definitely start doing it again, I might do it for a couple of weeks before my week off at the end of June.

I also am weighing myself every Saturday morning now instead of every couple of weeks. This motivates me to keep going. This last week I have had a bad week on the diet front but still lost a pound, I now have only 1 pound to go before I've lost a stone (the tracker says I've lost more but I forgot to reset it to my current weight when I seriously started to lose weight).

I have found that I have changed the way I think about food. Before if I fancied something e.g. a packet of crisps, I would eat them for the sake of it even if I wasn't hungry but now I think much more about it and the majority of the time leave them.

At work I have reduced my tea intake, I normally have only 2 cups and top up on my water intake with water with a little no added sugar juice in. I have two 750ml bottles on my desk and normally I drink both during the day.

Currently my daily treat is a can of Diet Coke, 1 calorie, but I want to eventually stop drinking fizzy pop so often, after all it's not good for your teeth.

This week I haven't exercised at all, it hasn't crossed my mind but I am going to get back on it. I also started doing squats and lunges but after two days my legs were killing and I couldn't continue but I am also going to start doing those again, maybe just squats this time, they seemed the lesser of the two evils.

So far I have gone down a jeans size which means I've had to buy new clothes. Instead of buying brand new stuff I've been trawling eBay for some bargains and bagged myself a few new pairs of jeans for under £5 each! I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes as I want to continue losing weight even when I've reached my 1 stone target.

Well that's my diet update, hopefully my next one won't be so long but if you have any diet tips like low calories snacks or recipes then feel free to leave them in a comment below!


CC said...

Congratulations on going down a jean size! I am so happy it's finally summer because I can eat all the fresh fruit I want. I've been upping my water intake by making a pitcher of lemon cucumber water. So so good.

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