Thursday, 27 May 2010

Review - Models Own

I was sooooo excited to hear that Boots were stocking Models Own in some of their larger stores (unfortunately not my local one) and what's even better is that until 15th June all self selection cosmetics are on 3 for 2!

So my nearest store which had Models Own already was Lincoln and I visited it on Tuesday to have a look at the selection. I was impressed as the stand was simple and everything was easy to find with only a few items out of stock.

I was instantly attracted to the nail varnishes and decided on the one in the photo (Green Flash) which is a sparkly lime green and a sparkly pink (Pink Fizz).

After reading many blogs which all seemed to rave about how good Models Own was I couldn't wait to try it out when I got home so last night I decided to take off the old and paint on the green. do need two coats (you can get away with one but the colour didn't seem so intense) but unlike some other brands you don't have to wait until it dries before applying another layer you can do it straight away. It wasn't gloppy and it painted on well. It also dried very fast and I didn't have any smudges after doing the 'I think it's 100% dry so lets do some housework', so for the first time in AGES I have perfect nails.

Overal I am more than impressed and would defiantly buy Models Own again and would defiantly recommend it to a friend.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Review - Colour B4 Extra

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I’ve already written this once but I somehow deleted it after posting it - nooooooooooooo I screamed at the computer and clicked on everything to get it back but it’s gone to the cyber dustbin. So I start again - word processing it first this time!

Before christmas I decided to dye my hair a black/red/purple colour (I don’t know why I must have been going through some sort of early mid life crisis!) But I then got asked to be a bridemaid next year and wanting to have a normal hair colour I decided to try to dye my hair back to dark brown but having got fed up of the mess hair dye makes I thought I’d give this ago - Colour B4 hair colour remover.

This is exclusively available from Boots and it comes in two strengths:

  • regular - for general colour removal and correction
  • extra strength - for long term colour build up and very dark, intense colour

As I had used a dark dye I decided to buy the extra strength formulation (£11.99).

Colour B4 works by shrinking the artificial colour molecules allowing them to be washed out and returning your hair to it’s LIGHTEST NATURAL SHADE. It also contains a buffer to regain a natural pH level which allows you to dye your hair again after if necessary.

You apply the mixture to your hair and leave on for 20 minutes. You rinse for 5 minutes (it’s recommended this is done stood in the shower), apply the buffer for 1 minute and the rinse for a further 5 before applying the rest of the buffer for a minute and then finally rinsing out.

So when I got out of the shower I looked in the mirror and my hair looked considerably lighter than I remember but I dried it and it turned out a light brown colour with coppery tones and not my normal dark brown.

But Colour B4 hasn’t bleached my hair it has simply done what it said it would do - returned my hair to it’s lightest natural shade. Even thought I originally had dark brown hair it did have alot of natural copper highlights in it and this is obviously my lightest natural colour.

I would defiantly use this again and would recommend this to other people. The only thing I’d say to other people is to take into consideration any natural highlights in your hair as like me the colour of those could end up being your whole hair colour.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

On my make up table

This is another post I've been meaning to do for a while now but again I haven't had the time.

My make-up table is actually my old computer desk but after I moved I needed a bigger computer desk and a smaller make-up table so I swapped them around.

So here it is:

So what's on it? A lot!
  • My No7 magnifying mirror (which I couldn't live without)
  • GHDs
  • 2x hairbrushes
  • A clock
  • Multi-coloured bangles
  • A basket full of hair products including: hairspray, hair mousse, heat protection spray & heat protection balm
  • A basket of make-up which I don't use daily
  • A mug with make-up brushes in
  • Sure deo
  • Urban decay eyeshadow pallet
  • A selection of Benefit products
  1. Sugabomb
  2. Stay don't stray
  3. Throb
  4. Boiing
  5. Lemonaid
  6. A powder set (cant remember the name)
  7. Powderflage
  • 4x foundation
  • No7 anti-shine make-up base
  • No7 spring eyeshadow pallet
  • No7 mineral highlighter powder
  • L'oreal true match powder
  • L'Occitane moisturiser
  • And much much more!
But I also have my little pink stool with products on too as this week at work we are dressing up as a decade from the 40s right through to the noughties and I'm being the 80s so I have layed my things out ready as I have to be up early in the morning.

Right so on the stool there's:
  • No7 mineral foundation
  • Benefit one hot minute bronzing powder
  • W7 neon yellow eye shadow
  • Collection 2000 gold glam crystals eyeliner
  • Avon bronze lip gloss
  • Revlon double twist mascara
  • Benefit lyin eyes concealer
  • Soap and glory arch de triumph eyeliner pencil
  • FCUK make-up bag
  • Fresh breath spray!
  • And finally a nail file!
Phew! So I think that just about covers everything - oh there is an avon tea tree spot roll on treatment but I'm not going to be wearing that!

Recent buys

Hmm the title might not be totally true as I've had these for about a month now but haven't had time to post anything. So the photo shows:
  • Revlon double twist mascara
  • Revlon photo ready foundation
  • L'oreal lash architect carbon gloss mascara
  • L'oreal telescopic explosion mascara
  • L'oreal extra volume collagen waterproof mascara
  • Maxfactor lash extension waterproof mascara
  • L'oreal studio secrets make-up primer
I've been going through a 'mascara' phase hence the 5 in the photo! And also Boots were running a £2 off Revlon and L'oreal voucher which I took advantage of.

So far I've only used 3 of the products: the Revlon mascara, Revlon foundation and the L'oreal make-up primer.

The Revlon double twist mascara I absolutely LOVE! I was a Maxfactor False Lash Effect addict after loving the effect it gave your lashes but in my opinion the Revlon mascara is a million times better. It give length and volume and looks like you have false lashes on and the effect unlike some mascaras lasts all day. I like to apply a coat and let it dry before applying another one over the top. My only bad point about it is that it's rather clumpy.

I bought the Revlon Photo Ready foundation after reading loads of blogs where it got good reviews and thought that I should give it a go. I had never used Revlon foundation before as it's not really a brand that screams "buy me" but I was pleasantly surprised. It gives a natural finish which I like as I don't do the 'caked' look and it has a slight sparkle to it which gives you the photogenic look! I've only used it a few times but I think I'll use it loads more in the summer especially as it has a SPF 20 in it.

Finally is the L'oreal studio secrets male-up primer. I'm not a fan of primers as I don't like putting loads of products on my skin and because I don't normally have time in the morning to do the 'apply, wait for it to dry' routine. I've only used this twice so far and it does leave your skin feeling smooth and soft but I'm not sure that it helped my foundation go on better so I'll have to start using it religiously for a couple of weeks so I can give a fairer review.

Since I last posted I have been on a shopping trip to York and have more products to review but that will have to be another post for another day!