Thursday, 11 November 2010

Haul - Christmas shopping

Last week I had a mega shopping trip and I've only just had time to post what I got.


Philips epilator, Philips shaver (for Chris), Batiste dry shampoo, E45 dry scalp shampoo, Boots tea tree and witch hazel nose pore strips and Good Things cleanser

Winnie the Pooh diary, Benefit Lemonaid and Papermania metallic markers (not from Boots!)

FCUK sports bag (for Chris for christmas)

Sterimar salt water nasal spray, Colgate 360 Actiflex toothbrush and Original Source extra strong black mint shower gel (this is mens but I think I'll use it in the morning to wake me up, it smells gorgeous)

No7 items: Kabuki brush, eyeshadow contour brush, eyeshadow blender brush, nail polish 'spun sugar', lipstick 'attract', tinter moisturiser 'fair' and lash and brow perfecter mascara. I bought all these with the £5 off vouchers that they regularly give out

Spun Sugar nail polish

Christmas cards, I don't think I need any but all my christmas things are in the loft so I bought some just in case! And a Winnie the Pooh calendar

Boots essentials hairspray (the best I've used), Sure deodorant, Jelly Bean factory jelly bean tins and a chocolate bar

Set of 3 cake tins, Lindt Lindor chocolates, 4 packs of sponges (I use these to wash my face with) and 2 MAM oral care bunnies. These are for my cousins little boy, Josh, and our friends little girl, Izzy, (when she's born!) for christmas. Never seen anything like these before so thought they'd be cute and unusual gift

Alot of the things I bought were part of Boot's christmas 3 for 2 offer so I saved loads of money.

New Look

When I went to New Look last week they had buy one get one free on jewellery so I bought a necklace and a set or earrings and they cost me £4.99 instead of £9.98. Bargain!

So thats a few more of my christmas presents sorted, just got something else to get for Chris, his mums, and his nieces and then I'm done. How is your shopping coming on?


crazypoplock said...

I have the philips epilator and it hurts like hell! and sounds like a nightmare XD Used it once and never again XD

Karla said...

@crazypoplock - It does sound really mechanical and it's sooo loud! I have a review on this coming up xx

nicoletta said...

You make me want to go shopping, i love buying lots of little bits and bobs. You got some bargains with the boots vouchers too i see x

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