Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Have a Lush christmas!

Lush isn't a shop I normally go in because I think it's a little pricy and you can guarantee as soon as your foot steps over the door a sales assistant will pounce on you but I decided to brave it to get my hands on the infamous Snow Fairy shower gel.

I have to admit I was in there for about 5 minutes browsing and not once did I get asked if I needed help. It was great! I even had chance to decide on buying a melting snowman bath melt and a tub of Sweetie Pie shower jelly which smells like blackcurrant fruity sweets! Delicious!

After this successful attempt of shopping in Lush I would quite happily go back. In fact I want another bottle Snow Fairy to use after the festive season.

Melting snowman bath melt - £1.99
Sweetie Pie shower jelly - from £2.99
Snow Fairy shower gel - from £3.25


World Of Beauty said...

i love lush so much. :) snow fairy is gorge. but i've yet to try one of the shower jellies. look forward to hearing your thoughts x x

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

yum snow fairy :-) awww melting snowman, what does this smell like? x

Donna ♥ Baby said...

i actually like it when they ask if i need help because 99 perfect of the time i do haha. but i guess it dpends on the person. i need to get me snow fairy!! everyone talks about it i need it lol

Karla said...

@world of beauty - I'll review the jelly as soon as I've tried it x

@ nicole - oh the Lush website (because I'm rubbish at describing things!) it saus it contains a blend of oils including vanilla and orange, reminiscent of christmas cake and figgy pudding! X

@donna - i dont mind if i get asked if i need help but i like to be able to at least have a browse first! You really do need to get snow fairy, i'm addicted to it! X

G A B Y said...

Aww that cute little snowman is definitely going on my wishlist!

Anonymous said...

I went to sniff the infamous snow fairy yesterday and it doesn't smell like anything to me!

Karla said...

@GABY - I don't even like baths that much but I had to buy him!

@Skin Scrubs - WHAT?!?! It smells yummy! Heehee

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