Sunday, 31 October 2010

The week that was....

This week has been pretty boring. Working lots, yet again. Not that I'm complaining because I need the pennies! So other than that what have I been up to this week...
  • I was given my work hours up to christmas, which made me realise how soon it is! And some weeks I'm working 7/8 days in a row without a day off, I'd better get all my sleep in now!
  • This week on my design team challenge was bonfire night which I was really struggling to find inspiration for. But years and years ago I bought some firework spritzer inks which came in very useful with this one (crafting post coming soon!)
  • The BF got caught speeding again, naughty naughty! And it was in a lorry! He had a clean license for a whole of 6 months after his other points were taken off! Serves him right! Silly boy!
  • And the clocks went back an hour this morning which is good as it's been pitch black getting up this last week which doesn't do anything to motivate you to get out of bed!

Friday, 29 October 2010

NOTD - Nails Inc London

Just a quick NOTD - Nails Inc London.

This was a freebie when you bought 2 bottles of Diet Coke at Boots this summer.

Love love love this colour! I don't normally do 'neutrals' but I think this looks so sophisticated, I'll certainly be wearing this again!

Did anyone else manage to get their hands on these Nails Inc polishes?

Boots Boss Orange Spa Giftset offer of the week

Starting today Boots have the Boss Orange Spa giftset reduced from £60 to £29.50!
This contains:
  • 50ml Orange EDT
  • 50ml body lotion
  • 50ml shower gel
  • Slippers
  • Scented candle
  • Vanity case/bag
This is available until the 4th November.

What do you think of this offer? Will you be getting one of these?

Thursday, 28 October 2010


On sunday I went shopping with my mum and thought I'd share with you what I bought.

Pandora style necklace and bracelet - £10 each
Earrings - £3.50
The necklace and bracelet are for my mum for christmas

Tumblers - £8 (set of 4)
They are really big tumblers and are good value for the money

Mugs - £7 (set of 4)

Reindeer slippers - £4

White fleece £14
This is so warm, perfect for this chilly weather we're experiencing

Books - 2 for £7
'The christmas cookie club' by Ann Pearlman and 'The book of tomorrow' by Cecelia Ahern.
I've never read any books by either of these authors so thought I'd give these a go

Marks and Spencers
Magnolia fragranced pillows, floral shower gels & matching floral scented talcum powders - £5 each (3 for 2)
These are for my grandma for christmas as she loves thing like this

Polar bear decoration - £2.50 (also on 3 for 2)

I couldn't resist this! He's so cute!

I think this almost finishes my christmas shopping, just have a few more things to get. Are you super organised like me and almost finished your shopping?

Friday, 22 October 2010

The week that was....

My gosh another week has flown by! Where has the time gone?!

  • So this week I've been off work, even though it doesn't feel like it, I feel more tired than when I'm normally at work!
  • I've had a very lazy week, I haven't done anything, and I mean I've done nothing. I was meant to get all my housework done and have a massive clean before christmas but this hasn't happened!
  • The BF has had the week off work too, well a week off his normal work, but he's been working for his friend so I still haven't seen him much :-(
  • Today I've been shopping with my mum so I'll pop a little haul on here later
  • And currently I'm baking some cupcakes, I'm experimenting with some recipes ready for halloween cupcakes next week, I'll upload photos when I've made them!

Boots Sanctuary OOTW

Boy wasn't it cold this morning?! Even so I managed to drag myself out of bed to head down to Boots to get hold of one of the Sanctuary offer of the week.

This was £19 reduced from £40 and it's filled with loads of goodies.

I mainly wanted this to store my make up in and when I've got my stuff in it I'll post on here!

Has anyone else got one of these?

NOTD - 17 Exquisite

I've had 17's Exquisite nail polish for a while and have never used it and at the moment I'm into dark colours on my nails so thought I'd try it out.

It's more green than it looks in the bottle, I think it looks black with green shimmer, but I think it looks fab! I also used Avon's quick dry nail polish spray which I'm going to review in the very near future!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Boots Sanctuary offer of the week + points event

Friday the 22nd is the start of another offer of the week at Boots. This week it's the Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Box which is reduced from £40 to £19!

This contains:
1x 250ml Body Wash
1x 50ml Body Scrub
1x 75ml Luxury Bath Float
1x 75ml Foaming Bath Soak
1x 250ml Body Lotion
1x 150ml Body Butter
1x 25ml Classic Eau de Toilette
1x 30ml Hand Cream
1x 60g Salt Scrub Sachet
Luxury Shower Cap
Spa Skin Body Polisher

I'll be heading out to buy one because I have a job that the box will be perfect for!! I'll post about this another day!

And......this weekend if you spend over £50 instore you will receive £10 worth of points, a perfect way to get started on your christmas shopping!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My most repurchased products

This is another request from my blog giveaway. This post is going to feature my most repurchases make up and haircare products.


Back row:
  • No 7 Shine Free make up base - I use this on my forehead and chin to elevate shine, the secret behind this product is less is more!
  • Collection 2000 clear mascara - I do need a new one of these as you can tell from the colour! I like clear mascara because I don't want to wear mascara everyday so this just adds a little definition to your lashes

Front row:
  • L'Oreal True Match powder - I use this over the shine base on my forehead and chin to prevent shine
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer - This is the best concealer ever! I use it to cover my under eye circles but it is anti-bacterial so it's perfect for spots
  • Benefit Lemonaid - This is a yellow colour correcting eye primer. I use this under my concealer to try to neutralise the colour of my dark circles and I wouldn't be without it
  • Benefit Powderflage - This is a light pink powder concealer. I use this over my concealer to set it and it also helps to brighten my under eye area. It does come with a brush but I find it easier to apply with my finger

        Hair care

        • Avon Advanced Techniques Oxygenating Scalp Treatment - This has now been replaced with a different product. I have eczema on my scalp just behind my hairline near my face and after I've washed my hair I use a couple of pumps of this to rub onto the problem area and dry my hair as usual. It definitely helps to elevate my eczema, I just hope the replacement product is as good!
        • Batiste dry shampoo - I use this every night before I got to bed to absorb any oil which is produced whilst I'm sleeping. The reason I use this at night is because my hair is dark brown, this product is white. I sometimes got a little OTT with spraying this on which leaves me with a bad greying hair effect after! Not good!
        • Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Spray - I use this before blow drying and before straightening to protect my hair from any heat damage
        • Lee Stafford Poker Straight Glistening Balm - I rub a little of this onto my hair before blow drying to protect against heat damage and it does give it a slight shimmer as it is a glistening balm

        Do you use any of these? What are your most repurchased products?

        Monday, 18 October 2010

        Non surgery cosmetic procedures

        I have previously done another post on this which can be found here, but all the products featured were rather pricey so when reading through a mountain of magazines a friend gave me I came across Nip + Fab.

        Nip + Fab (available from Harvey Nichols and Boots) was created by the same person who created Rodial but in comparison their prices are at opposite ends of the spectrum and obviously they are both cheaper than going under the knife.

        Like most people I'm a bit self conscious about my body, being a size 16-18 I'm not a skinny minny like most people and do have wobbly bits which I would love to tone up and slowly I'm being sucked into the 'wonder creams/lotions/potions' philosophy.

        Tummy Fix - £18.95 (100ml)

        Tummy Fix claims to help burn fat whilst toning the tummy area and has been found to reduce the area around the stomach by 2.5cm in a single month, wow!

        Cellulite Fix - £17.95 (150ml)

        This gels helps to sculpt and shape whilst caffeine helps to burn fat whilst indian formskolin helps to activate microcirculation.

        Bust Fix - £15.95 (100ml)

        (Images from:

        This is a serum which supports lipid deposition, reshapes, plumps, smooths and firms the bust and decollete.

        In a few weeks I'm going on a big shopping trip so I'll pop into Boots to get these to try because they are affordable and until the 2nd of November they are available as a part of their 3 for 2 skincare offer, hopefully they'll be in stock as I gather there has been difficulty getting hold of them due to them selling out. Currently these are sold out on

        Has anyone tried these products or, like me, are you tempted to give them a whirl?

        The week that was....

        This week has been a weird one. Been feeling up and down about stuff and well ready for my week off next week!
        • I've been putting off doing my housework this week, I don't really want to spend my day off doing housework so I've been saving it all to do this weekend
        • I've been feeling really exhausted so have been going to bed at 8pm and falling asleep before 9 which is really unlike me so I must have been tired
        • I still haven't seen much of the BF and he's now moaning that he's feeling ill and tired but won't listen to me saying that it's because he's working too much. One day he will listen!
        • I went out last night for the first time in a year! I wasn't going to go as I'm skint but I decided at 5.30 to go and didn't get in until 2am this morning so I'm feeling a little tired today
        • And what's the perfect way to perk myself up? Doing my housework! 2 loads of washing done, hoovering done, washing up, ironing, change the bed and cleaning the bathroom all still to be done!

        Sunday, 17 October 2010

        Make up storage

        On my last blog giveaway part of the rules to enter were that you had to suggest what you'd like to see on my blog. I got quite a lot of different recommendations including make up storage which is what I'm going to post about today.

        My make up table.

        My make up table used to be my computer table but when I moved I swapped my tables around, so my old make up table is now my computer table and my old computer table is now my new make up table. In my new house this works much better as it's smaller and my make up table doesn't fit in my bedroom so it's in the spare room.

        Mascara storage.

        As I like to chop and change which mascara I use I needed something to hold them which would also make them easy to find and see. So as I'm a Yankee Candle fanatic I reused a medium jar which I had finished.

        Brushes storage.

        These two cream cylinder pots came from Ikea, I think they were £2.50 for the pair. In the large one I store my hair brushes and a lint roller which I use after I've done my hair so I don't have loads of hair on the back on my tops. I use the smaller one to hold my make up brushes.

        Liners, concealer pens etc.

        This is my 18th Me To You Bear mug which instead of being hidden in a cupboard I use as storage for odd liners, concealers and pencils.

        Eye liner storage.

        Again this a Me To You Bear mug but this is my 21st one. I use this to store eye pencils and eye liners in.

        Eyeshadow applicator storage.

        This is another Yankee Candle container which I've used as storage. This is a small tumbler which is the perfect size for storing foam eyeshadow applicators and a couple of nail files.

        Foundation and primer storage.

        This pot was a free gift with No7 which I got last year. Currently it is 3/4 full so there's plenty of room left in it. I put my foundations, tinted moisturiser and make up primers in this.

        Blushers, palettes, lipstick and samples storage.

        I love this little basket! I bought it from L'Occitane and it was full of mini's. I have my urban decay eyeshaow palette in this as well as Benefit blushers, a No7 eyeshadow palette, a No7 highlighter palette, my Lily Lolo samples and my 17 mirror shine lipsticks.

        Other storage.

        This is a little basket which I use to put odd eyeshadows in and other bits of make up which I use quite a lot but was out of the way. So I have my Benefit Confessions of a Concealerholic set, L'Oreal eyeshadows, eyelash curlers, my pencil sharpener, a foundation sponge and my Barry M dazzle dust.

        I hope you haven't found this too boring and hopefully I've given you some inspiration. How do you store your make up? Have you got any tips?

        Wednesday, 13 October 2010

        NOTD: Chanel Blue Satin

        A friend at work gave me this Chanel nail polish as it wasn't really her colour. It's shade 461 Blue Satin.

        1 coat

        With No7 matte top coat over

        I think it looks great on its own or with the matte top coat over the top. Has anyone else tried a Chanel nail polish? What did you think?

        Tuesday, 12 October 2010

        October crafting post

        So this is another new post idea that I've had. I wrote a post, last week I think, about me becoming a design team member for Pear Tree Designs so I thought every month I would do a quick blog post on here with my cards that I've submitted each week.

        Card 1 - Pink

        Card 2 - A sketch challenge

        Card 3 - Celebration

        Card 4 - Good Luck

        Card 5 - Autumn

        Monday, 11 October 2010

        The week that was....

        This is my new weekly blog post about what I've been up to in the last week. I hope to do this every monday, though with it getting closer to christmas I may be a tad late some weeks, but I'll try!

        • I've been working Mon - Fri and as a result been run off my feet due to being really short staffed
        • I've had loads of ideas for blog posts so these are coming up soon: NOTD, recipes, another non-surgical plastic surgery post, extreme beauty treatments, make up storage ideas and much more!
        • My time off has revolved around housework and ironing :-( which I HATE!
        • I've hardly seen my other half as he's been working all the time, this makes me sad too :-(
        • BUT surprisingly the october autumn weather is keeping my spirits up as I love the bright sunshine but it being chilly outside

        (Photo: weheartit)

        Sunday, 10 October 2010

        ASOS haul

        The other day ASOS were having a sale and even though I am on a spending ban I thought I'd take a quick look to see what was on offer. This was a mistake! I ended up with 3 things that I really didn't need.

        Mini hair straighteners - £4.50 (was £10)

        I'd been looking at getting a pair of these for a while but didn't want to spend a fortune so for £4.50 I couldn't go wrong and you get a cute little bag to store them in.

        Panda woolly hat - £10

        Bliss fat girl sleep - £19 (was £32)

        This is a thick purple cream which you massage onto 'problem wobbly' areas and it works while you sleep. Once I've started using this I'll review it.

        And finally a freebie which I got through Super Savvy Me....
        Pantene Aqua Light mini shampoo and conditioner

        Again once I've used these I'll review them!

        Has anyone tried any of these what did you think?