Sunday, 17 October 2010

Make up storage

On my last blog giveaway part of the rules to enter were that you had to suggest what you'd like to see on my blog. I got quite a lot of different recommendations including make up storage which is what I'm going to post about today.

My make up table.

My make up table used to be my computer table but when I moved I swapped my tables around, so my old make up table is now my computer table and my old computer table is now my new make up table. In my new house this works much better as it's smaller and my make up table doesn't fit in my bedroom so it's in the spare room.

Mascara storage.

As I like to chop and change which mascara I use I needed something to hold them which would also make them easy to find and see. So as I'm a Yankee Candle fanatic I reused a medium jar which I had finished.

Brushes storage.

These two cream cylinder pots came from Ikea, I think they were £2.50 for the pair. In the large one I store my hair brushes and a lint roller which I use after I've done my hair so I don't have loads of hair on the back on my tops. I use the smaller one to hold my make up brushes.

Liners, concealer pens etc.

This is my 18th Me To You Bear mug which instead of being hidden in a cupboard I use as storage for odd liners, concealers and pencils.

Eye liner storage.

Again this a Me To You Bear mug but this is my 21st one. I use this to store eye pencils and eye liners in.

Eyeshadow applicator storage.

This is another Yankee Candle container which I've used as storage. This is a small tumbler which is the perfect size for storing foam eyeshadow applicators and a couple of nail files.

Foundation and primer storage.

This pot was a free gift with No7 which I got last year. Currently it is 3/4 full so there's plenty of room left in it. I put my foundations, tinted moisturiser and make up primers in this.

Blushers, palettes, lipstick and samples storage.

I love this little basket! I bought it from L'Occitane and it was full of mini's. I have my urban decay eyeshaow palette in this as well as Benefit blushers, a No7 eyeshadow palette, a No7 highlighter palette, my Lily Lolo samples and my 17 mirror shine lipsticks.

Other storage.

This is a little basket which I use to put odd eyeshadows in and other bits of make up which I use quite a lot but was out of the way. So I have my Benefit Confessions of a Concealerholic set, L'Oreal eyeshadows, eyelash curlers, my pencil sharpener, a foundation sponge and my Barry M dazzle dust.

I hope you haven't found this too boring and hopefully I've given you some inspiration. How do you store your make up? Have you got any tips?


♥ Makeup Kitten ♥ said...

Nice post :)

I see you have the Stay Don't Stray by Benefit. I only have a small sample, but I have been loving it, so I'm getting a full sized one soon!


Karla said...

@ Makeup Kitten - Yes I have, I haven't used it much but I'm quite impressed with it xx

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