Friday, 6 July 2012

How I cured my scalp eczema

As some of you may know I suffer from eczema, I mainly get it around my mouth and on my scalp. It mainly flares up when the weather turns cold and in the summer I hardly have a problem with it. My scalp is more difficult to control as you can't use moisturiser and it flakes like crazy, black tops are a no, no.

A few months ago my scalp was really getting me down, and as my face had cleared up it got me thinking about how I control it on my face. I mainly use exfoliator and a little scrubby thing but you can't use it on your scalp. Or maybe you can....... 

I had just found this little beauty from Naked in Savers and thought it would be perfect for my little experiment.

Naked's Scrub Up salt scrub is made using sea minerals and has quite a coarse texture, perfect for a scrub! I knew that if I was going to use this on my scalp, hair and head I would need to use it sparingly and make sure I shampooed throughly after to rinse it all out.

Off I popped to the shower and scooped a medium sized dollop out of the tub and started to rub it where my eczema was on my scalp. I gave it a good scrub with out being too vigarous, rinsed and then shampooed and conditioned like normal. 

Once I'd dried and straightened my hair I was actually quite amazed at the effect it had had. My scalp looked so much better, ok so my eczema hadn't magically disappeared but it was looking remarkably improved. Also my hair looked so much shinier and healthier.

So next time my hair needed washing I did the same. After drying this time I can say that my eczema had gone! Yes my scalp was clear! I used the scrub everytime I washed my hair for the next week and then stopped for a while and my eczema came back so I started the routine again and it cleared up.

I haven't used the scrub on my scalp for about 2/3 months now and my scalp is still clear! No flare ups, nothing. I am amazed at how well this worked for me and I no longer dread wearing a black top or having my hair down because of the little white flakes coming off my scalp, and the cherry on the cake is that my face is also still clear of eczema!

I'm not saying this will work for everyone but if you do suffer from a slight flaky scalp then give it a go because you might end up with results like mine.

But anyway it seems that exfoliating hair products are coming onto the market. Here are some that I found by chance:

Sanctuary detox hair exfoliator - £2.00 (Boots)
Denman shower and massage brush - £3.69 (Boots and Superdrug)

Michael di Cesare scalp exfoliating trio - £22.50 (QVC)


E V E L Y N said...

Wow I'm so trying this! My scalp has gone a bit crazy with the constant changes in the weather, so I'll definitely be giving this a go to see if it helps. Thanks for sharing :) x

Karla said...

Let me know how you get on, fingers crossed it'll work for you too! x

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