Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Review - Spa Find Calmit Extract Intensive Anti-ageing Treatment

I was recently sent some products from Spa Find to try out including a box containing Calmit Extract Intensive Anti-Ageing Treatment facial oils.

Spa Find was a brand I hadn't heard of before but all of their products are free from parabens, aren't tested on animals, are hypo-allergenic and are natural! They also contain 7 minerals: magnesium, potassium and sodium, calcium, bromide, sulphur and iodine. But back to the Calmit Extracts. 

The box contains three 6ml vials of treatment and directions of use are: use one vial a week to massage in the face, neck and decollete or use all three as an intensive treatment when skin needs a boost.

Each vial contains Harmonised Water (not entirely sure what this is) and Padina Pavonica algae extract to help repair ageing skin and to stimulate collagen synthesis and even skin tone. They also contain Witch Hazel to rebalance skin and anti-oxidants to protect against further signs of ageing.

Ok so maybe calling these an oil was a little misleading of me as they are much more of a water based treatment. One word of warning is that the product comes out fast so be careful otherwise you'll end up with much more than you wanted!

I poured some of the treatment out into the palm of one of my hands and used the other to rub it into my face and neck, I generally poured enough out for two uses so I applied one treatment, waited for it to absorb and then applied the rest. 

I thought this product would leave my skin a bit tacky and greasy but it didn't. The treatment absorbed quickly into my skin and left it feeling hydrated. Ok so it maybe didn't leave my skin feeling like it had a major moisture boost but it did leave it feeling revitalised. 

I couldn't imagine using all one whole vial on my face never mind all three but I suppose if your skin was really dry after neglect or illness then I would recommend that you use these to give that moisture boost.

Have a look at the whole range of product from Spa Find here.


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