Monday, 16 July 2012

♥♥ Love & Toast ♥♥

Does anyone remember the Soap & Glory hat box that was on offer a couple of christmas's ago at Boots? Well I use it to store all of my luxury goodies in but of course as I don't go in it that often things get forgotten about and get left in there for ages. This was the case for these Love & Toast products.

I remember buying these from ASOS about a year and a half ago. They were a bit of an impulse buy as they were in the sale and I added them onto an order that was only meant to be for my friends birthday present.

I got the Sweet Grapefruit handcream and the Cherry Lemonade lip balm.

I normally hate lip balms that are in pots but I got pulled in by the cute packaging. I have to admit I love this product. It's really moisturising and the scent is amazing! It's sweet and refreshing and I find myself licking most of this off my lips!

I'm a bit funny with handcreams, I love L'Occitane handcreams and don't tend to stray away from them.  Again I got duped into buying this with the cute packaging and as I don't actually like grapefruit this could have been a wasted product.

The cream itself is thick and moisturising. It sinks into my hands really quickly and leaves them lovely and soft. I've been using this at night but as it absorbs quickly I would use this throughout the day. As for the fragrance I love it! It smells clean but with a sweet twist.

Love & Toast isn't available at ASOS anymore but I have found it online at Mooch.


suzy said...

Great to see a post on these products. I used to be tempted by the brand, especially the lip balm when it was ASOS. I'll have to check out Mooch :) x

Applebypie said...

The packaging is really pretty isn't it? It would make great gifts too . x

Anonymous said...

Love & Toast are another one of my faves. I have several of their lip balms thanks for reminding me! :D

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