Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hero product - Vaseline Lip Therapy

Ok, I have previously mentioned that I'm not a fan of Vaseline lip therapy tins but with the launch of their cocoa butter tin late last year I changed my mind.

Ever since the launch of the original vaseline lip therapy these little tins have been flying off the shelves and many people see them as a must have for their handbag. There have been a few additions to the range including the green tin (aloe vera), the yellow tin (spf, I believe this is discontinued), the pink tin (rosy) and most recently the brown tin (cocoa butter).

Vaseline have also introduced new lip therapy sticks where you can buy your favourite variety but in a formulation like a lip balm. This appeals more to me.

 Image from: Google Images

Are you a fan of these little tins? Which is your favourite one? Will you be trying the stick formulations?


Your style is your signature said...

I was going to buy one for myself but I already have 7 lip balms to finish,so I decided to wait! But I know caco butter is really good for lips .

communicatingbeauty said...

I love the Cocoa Butter Vaseline tin! All time favourite :)

Skin Scrubs said...

I got sent some of the sticks for review and I hated them but I gave one to James and two work colleagues to try and they all liked them. Go figure!

jijo said...

Where can i buy the Vaseline sticks in United States. Are they available in stores. Please let me know
Thank u

Karla said...

@jijo - No idea where they're available in the US, I only know where you can buy them here in the UK. Sorry

jijo said...

Thanks Karla. I looked online and all shipping from UK too. I have to pay 2 Euro for the Stick and 2 Euro for shipping makes it 4 Euro for each stick. That is expensive. Thank you Karla

Vintage Beauty said...

the cocoa butter one is great! i also love the rosy one :)

maddie xx

Alice Smith said...

I am regular user of this. My favorite is lip ice from Vaseline

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