Friday, 4 February 2011

Review - No7 Intense Volume mascara

I've had this No7 Intense Volume waterproof mascara for a while but hadn't really used it until a couple of weeks ago when my favourite Revlon one dried out so thought I'd give this one a proper go to see how it compared.

The brush is bigger than a normal mascara one but it's not the biggest that I've used and it's also not a spiky plastic brush like some other brands use which I do not get on with at all.


The mascara is a nice consistency, not too thick but also not too thin, and with the brush it's easy to apply. I find it easier to coat my lashes using the end of the brush and then use the full brush to brush it through so it doesn't clump. I also wait for the first coat to dry before applying another layer and then I do it again. This means you get maximum length and volume to give you luscious lashes!


And a close up of my lashes. I was quite impressed with the results, it's not my favourite mascara but for everyday use it definitely gets my vote!
This is available exclusively from Boots and is £11.50.


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Looks great :).

Sadie x

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