Saturday, 20 August 2011

What makes you feel sexy?

Superdrug recently commissioned a survey to find out what makes a woman feel sexy. They surveyed 2,000 women and here are the top 20 results:
  1. Applying their favourite perfume
  2. Wearing a big happy smile
  3. Paint nails
  4. Getting their hair coloured or highlighted
  5. Spend hours straightening their hair
  6. Cleavage on show
  7. Indulge in a long hot bath
  8. Legs on show
  9. Wearing a push-up bra
  10. Pedicure feet
  11. Apply heavy eye make-up
  12. Exercise religiously
  13. Spend hours curling hair
  14. Wear red lipstick
  15. Wear a tight fitting top
  16. Waxing from head to toe
  17. Applying fake tan
  18. Wearing false eyelashes
  19. Wearing a short skirt
  20. Adorn tons of jewellry
The survey also found that 71% of women were left feeling glowing after being given a compliment by a stranger and only 7% said they felt sexy everyday of their lives. On average women said they spent 35 minutes getting ready for a date compared to just 10 minutes getting ready for work.

Do you agree with this survey? What makes you feel sexy?

Full article can be found here.


Ik said...

I loved reading this! I think most of this is how it goes for me!:)

Amyboo said...

The survey sounds pretty accurate to me. I feel sexy after applying my favorite lip gloss! :) It's definitely a pick me up.

Anonymous said...

Mine isn't on here, scrubbing myself from head to toe and then using a matching body lotion!

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