Friday, 30 September 2011

Review - Naked eye gel

A few months ago Naked brought out it's skincare range which included cleanser, toner, make up remover, face wash, moisturiser and eye gel. I bought a few products from the range and first I tried was the eye gel.

With soothing cucumber and camomile I was expecting great things from the gel and it is supposed to be suitable for sensitive skin so I presumed would be fine for my non-sensitive 'normal' skin. But nope, it didn't work on my skin.

The gel was clear and wasn't sticky. It sunk into the skin quickly but my gosh it made my eyes sting like crazy, yes they hurt...alot. I tried using less but nope, they still stung. I tried using less the next day but they still stung so I stop using it.

Overall I was disappointed as I love other Naked products but this one just didn't agree with me. I have since passed this onto my mum who has no problems with it at all. Maybe it's just me!

This costs £7.49 for a 15ml tube and is available from Superdrug and Naked online.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday Wishlist - 4

I love it when Next put their christmas seasonal items on their website, it makes me feel all festive! So I had a quick look because I want to look at it all when my Christmas Directory comes (yes I'm sad) and have chosen a few things to go on my, dare I say it, christmas wishlist!

Made with Love Purple Bag - £32

Neutral Chunk Knit Bag - £32

Pink Tweed Sausage Dog Slippers - £12

Scottie Dog ornament - £5

Large Jar of Snowie Sweets - £10

So that the the start of my christmas wishlist! Let me know if you've started yours too!

Monday, 26 September 2011

NOTD - Nails Inc

Todays NOTD is Franklin's Row by Nails Inc.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

The week that was...

Once again it has been a few weeks since my last 'week that was' post and this week has been hectic!

My mum and dad have been on holiday so I've been home alone, which was quite nice and I've lived off ready meals and cherry coke! I wish I could do this all the time!

This week I've also booked 2 nights away to Newcastle with my mum and to see Russell Kane live a week on friday with my friend! Excited much, hell yes!

And I also bought my first xmas present but it's a secret what I bought!

Hope everyone has had a good couple of weeks! Oh and I've actually done quite a bit of blogging and have scheduled posts up until the second week of October so keep a look out for those!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Haul - Part 2

This is the final part of my haul and sorry some of the photo's are rubbish, natural light was against me!

Charles Worthington
Mini dry shampoo and hair serum
I won these but have no idea where from!

W7 (from a local make-up shop)
Candy Floss powder (dupe for Benefit Dandelion) - £2.99

Mantaray purple shoes - £12.50 (half price)

Tights - £2 and £2.50
Colour block t-shirt - £4

Knitted dress - £14
Leggings - £3 

 So like normal link me to your latest haul posts as I love having a nosey at what people have bought!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Haul - Part 1

I have quite alot of new purchases to show you so I've decided to split them into two posts and this is the first and the net one will be up tomorrow!

Horse print top - £16

Fairisle dress - £25 (since gone back to £35)

Fiorelli handbag - £24 in the sale

The Inbetweeners boxset - £13.00

Julian Graves
Random haul item but they had a 50% sale so I'm going to make up my own Graze boxes!
All these cost me about £5.50

George at Asda
Winnie the Pooh PJ's - £13

Part two will be up tomorrow!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New cosmetics

This is just a quick post to show some of the new cosmetics that have recently been released.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation
Available in 6 shades

This foundation contains a serum which has a SPF 15 and instantly revitalises your skin.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick
Available in 15 shades

Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes mascara
Available only in black

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick
Available in 7 shades
Kate Moss has created her own collection of lipsticks exclusively for Rimmel.

L'Oreal Superliner Luminizer
Available in 3 colours

Products available from Boots and Superdrug.

Monday, 19 September 2011

New fragrances

Here are a few new fragrances that have been released int he last month or so.

Beyonce Pulse EDP 
Starts at £23 for 30ml

DKNY Be Delicious Golden Apple EDP
Starts at £32 for 30ml

Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Pink EDP
£60 for 100ml
This is the same Daisy fragrance but in a new funky bottle for Autumn.

All available from Boots and other perfume retailers.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Review - Dr Organics pomegranate skin lotion

Dr Organic's isn't one of those well known brands, in fact I hadn't heard of it until a couple of years ago when I was trying to find brands which didn't use parabens and SLS in their products. I hadn't bought anything from the range until last christmas when I got given a set which contained pomegranate shower gel and skin lotion (body lotion).

Pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidants and has anti-aging properties. I used the shower gel a while ago and was impressed with it but have only just started the body lotion.

It is of a slightly thicker consistency than a lotion but it's not as thick as a butter. But with this in mind it does sink into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling soft and moisturised.

I'm really impressed with the Dr Organics products and would try more of the range. Have you tried anything, what did you think of the products?

Oh and Dr Organics is available from Holland and Barrett and the body lotion is £7.19 for 200ml.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The week that was...

I haven't written this post for a couple of weeks now, mainly because I haven't been doing anything interesting except going to work (and that's not interesting!)

So today is September 11th and the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, can hardly believe all that happened 10 years ago. I remember I found out about it when I got home from school and saw it on the TV. Where were you when you heard he news?

But on to slightly happier things, how good is TV at the moment?! With X Factor, Shameless, Waterloo Road, Strictly and Celebrity Juice I'm spoilt for choice about what to watch! Just a shame I have to record most of it as I have to go to sleep early :-(

And on Friday I left work 15 minutes early to make sure I was back in town for 6pm and I had to get petrol as I decided to play petrol-roulette on the way home (in other words I had very little petrol so I might not make it home). I got stuck in a bit of traffic in Nottingham and then it was clear until I was 10 minutes away from town when I hit the most horrendous traffic jam. I moved half a mile in 30 minutes. And my petrol light came on :-S Scary stuff but eventually I made it to a petrol station and got home at 6.30, two hours after I left work. Urgh nightmare.

Buuuut I hope you've all had a good few weeks and I have a number of blog posts coming up over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Magazine content

I don't normally buy glossy magazines, I normally stick to my Closer mag every week, but when there are great freebies when you buy a magazine I relent and buy them. I've had four magazines for a while now and only got round to reading them last week but was shocked to find how many adverts they contain.

I had InStyle (July), Red, Elle and Marie Clare (all September).

So how many pages of adverts did they contain? I've tried to show this by putting a post it note in to divide the magazine. Pages to the top of the post it note are all the adverts and actual content is below.

Marie Clare - 111 pages of adverts
Elle - 197 pages of adverts

Red -92 pages of adverts
InStyle - 73 pages of adverts

In Marie Clare, Elle and Red almost half of the magazine is adverts, worth paying £3.50+ for? Erm I'm not sure it is.

And whilst counting the pages I was somewhat amused at the advert which were in them. These include: Continental tyres, Abu Dhabi, Pink Lady apples, Lloyds TSB, Finish dishwasher tablets, Aptamil baby milk and Fiat 500 (designed by Gucci, of course!)

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that there was a mix of mass and premium make-up brand adverts: Rimmel and Barry M and then Lancome, Estee Lauder and Chanel. But the premium brands adverts were placed slap bang at the front of the magazine rather than half way through like the mass brand products.

Oh and another thing I noticed, in Elle there were a whole 33 pages of adverts before the contents page and another 31 pages of adverts before the Editors letter!

Have you noticed how much advert content there is in your monthly magazines?

Monday, 5 September 2011

It must be love, love, love....

NOTD - Mavala

Today's NOTD is from Mavala which came free with September's Elle magazine.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

August Bank Holiday haul

As this is the last Bank Holiday until after christmas (heehee have I shocked/scared you there?) I decided to take advantage of my time off and went shopping.


Original Source shower gels - £1 each
Sure deodorant - £1 each
Revlon eyeshadow palette - £7.99
Models Own sponge applicators - £3
Bourjois Smoky Eye palette - £7.99 (but have a £2 voucher so cost me £5.99)


Exfoliating gloves - £1
Lint rollers - £1
Block colour t-shirt - £4 (photo is rubbish, sorry)
White cardigan - £6
Velvet hangers - £4 for 10


Tassle loafers - £10
Squirrel jumper - £20
Owl PJ top - £6
Owl PJ bottoms - £8

Link me to your most recent haul post as I love having a nosey!