Friday, 23 September 2011

Haul - Part 1

I have quite alot of new purchases to show you so I've decided to split them into two posts and this is the first and the net one will be up tomorrow!

Horse print top - £16

Fairisle dress - £25 (since gone back to £35)

Fiorelli handbag - £24 in the sale

The Inbetweeners boxset - £13.00

Julian Graves
Random haul item but they had a 50% sale so I'm going to make up my own Graze boxes!
All these cost me about £5.50

George at Asda
Winnie the Pooh PJ's - £13

Part two will be up tomorrow!


World Of Beauty said...

i really like that fairisle dress x

suzy said...

Love those pjs, so cute! x

Bakemyday said...

gotta love a bit of fiorelli saleage!

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