Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review - MaxFactor Eye Brightening Mascara

An eye brightening mascara - yes you heard right and I am equally baffled by this claim as you are.

I have to admit I only bought this as I got caught in a mega rain storm whilst walking back to my car  after work last week and I went to see my friend in Boots and saw that this was on offer and I had some Boots points burning a hole in my purse.

So how does it claim to brighten your eyes? Well there are 3 different shades: one for brown, green and blue eyes where the mascara colour is slightly different. As I have brown eyes that's the one I got and the mascara colour is black pearl. If you have blue eyes the mascara colour is black sapphire and for green eyes it's black emerald.

After using it everyday since I got it I wouldn't say it brightens my eyes but it does fan out my lashes nicely. It doesn't give mega volume, I have used other mascaras which I prefer for this, but for everyday use this is perfect. 

Thinking back Boots 17 range brought out a Photo Flawless mascara which was similar as you chose your shade depending on your eye colour. I haven't used this one so can't compare.

Overall I would buy this again but purely for the fact that it made my lashes look nice for an everyday look and not for the claims that it makes my eyes look brighter.

Have you tried this what did you think?

Available from Boots and Superdrug.


Applebypie said...

I havent tried this one, but like you I dont see how it can brighten eyes! It can perhaps widen them by making lashes longer etc but not alter the eye!!! Think I am happy with my Benefit one for now! x

Anonymous said...

Mmmy I'm intrigued now, not for the eye brightening but for the colour 'Black Emerald' as I have green eyes!

Think I need to find this now!

Karla said...

@Applebypie - Yeah I'm sticking to my good good trusty mascaras now rather than repurchasing this one x

@Annabella - Let me know how you get on with it x

nikki77 said...

I am very sure the green one is black ruby and not black emerald as stated above.
I have just tried the brown eyes and it is a food quality mascara. not sure about eye brightening just yet

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