Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nail polish dupes - Blues

Whilst sorting through my huge bag of nail polishes I was astounded by how many shades I had that were the same but from different brands. I am planning on doing a little mini series over the next few weeks to show which ones I have found. First up it's navy blue.

1. 2True - Crystal Shade 1 - £1.99
2. Max Factor - Prussian Blue - £3.99
3. No 7 - Betty Blues - £7

All three colours are very similar but vary significantly in price.

After trying all three of these polishes out the 2True and Max Factor are most similar in colour but after just one coat the 2True and No 7 polishes apply the best.

I'm not sure which one I would chose out of the 2True or No 7 polishes but I wouldn't pay £7 for the No 7 one, I would wait for the £5 off vouchers and buy it at £2. The lasting quality of both of these are very good and you can easily get away with just one coat of each so these are perfect of you're in a rush.


Louise said...

I think these three shades are completely different and not dupes at all!
The 2True one looks pretty and the price of it is great!

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