Thursday, 2 August 2012

The month that was.....July

I literally can't believe it's August, where's time going?!? But back to July. July started with me getting a job interview for a company in town doing telesales. I went and didn't like it so wasn't going to accept the 3 month trial but then the man who I saw phoned me and asked if I wanted to try out for a job in the admin section. This was way more me so a few days later off I popped for a couple of hours to try it out. Three hours later I left pretty sure I had the job in the bag and hey presto 4 hours later I got the phone call asking if I could start on Monday! So I work 9-4.30 Monday-Friday, with one late night until 7.30 where I get paid for working 3 hours when in fact I work 2, we get extra money on Fridays depending on how well sales have done, last week we got ice creams when it was hot and we get enough free tea and coffee to sink a battle ship! Even though I've done admin before this is completely different as they have their own system and at the moment it's alot of learning and remembering. We sell till rolls by the way so it's not something I have a clue about! Overall though I really like it and it's so nice being able to get up for 7.30 and only having a 10 minute drive to work, abit different to a 5.30am alarm and at least an hours journey to work. 

Also in July my grandad had his big 85th birthday bash which was a big garden party and a hog roast. The weather was ok but it did rain on and off which was a little disappointing but everyone had a good day. Lots of family who I hadn't seen in years also came so it was really nice to have a big catch up. 

I'm also planning on redecorating my bedroom which is going to be a mega job but I've decided on what wallpaper I'm having and which paint so now it's just deciding when to start. 

Also it was the opening of the Olympics. The opening ceremony started a little 'blah' if you ask me. I turned off after half and hour because I just didn't get it but then when I started to see all the tweets saying how amazing it was I put it back on and was transfixed to the screen. Simply amazing. I'm not really planning on watching many events as I'm not really into sport but some of the athletic and the diving might just find their way on to my screen!

And as I've recently had a lot of time on my hands I took full advantage of competitions on Twitter and on blogs and won quite a few goodies including these: 

So that was my July, how was yours? Are you planning on watching the Olympics? Have a nice August :-)


rach. said...

lovely post, and lovely blog girl!

love, rach.

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