Monday, 29 March 2010

Card 1

This was a quickie card which I made for my grandmas 84th birthday. I used a Forever Friends invertage topper and layer it up on red/pink flower paper which came with the invertage and layered that up on some silver card and then stuck it down on a plain white card. I used the Forever Friends Pink Parfait 'celebration time' sentiment and simply placed a purple (Kanban) gem in each corner and a red one in the middle of the flower on the bears hat.

I wasn't sure if the topper would look too big on the small card but I think it looks pretty good!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Benefit and flake promotion - 1 million lipsticks to be won

After hearing about the promotion being run by Cadbury and Benefit to win 1 million Benefit lipsticks I had to run out and buy a multipack of flakes, which isn't good as I'm trying to loose weight because I'm a bridesmaid next year. So after going to Tesco's specifically to buy some Flakes I had paid and was almost out the door with a trolley full of shopping and then thought "Oh my god I haven't got my Flakes!" So leaving my trolley with my mum I dashed back to buy a 9 pack which was about £2.90 (can't quite remember) and looked forward to seeing if I had won.

So that was now 6 days ago and after me and my other half had munched our way through the pack and only being able to enter 2 codes a day I thought that I must be out of luck as so far no lipstick but on my last code that I entered my luck changed and I WON!! Whooo!

So one la la land lipstick should be arriving through my letter box in 28 days! But now after one win I'm thinking should I buy another pack or should I cut my loses and be happy with one win? Hmmm, decisions, decisions?

Has anyone else taken part in this promotion and how have you done?

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Review - Mineral foundation

So recently there has been a boom in mineral foundations with almost every make up brand having one.

Firstly I tried Bourjois Mineral Matte foundation mousse which comes with a little brush (not shown in photo) for application. I've been using this on and off for the last 1-2 months and have so far been very impressed. It goes on smooth and with the brush it is easy to apply. As I'm one of those people who is guilty of often having a 'tide mark' as my mum would say (thats a foundation line to you and me) I found that that didn't happen with this product. Overall I was very impressed with it especially as this was the first Bourjois foundation that I had tried.

Secondly I tried No 7 Essentially Natural Mineral Foundation which was brand new out this week. As I normally use No 7 foundation I didn't have any doubts that I wouldn't like this product. I've only used this twice and apply it using a foundation brush but so far so good! It's not as heavy as the Bourjois one but this could be because of this being a liquid whereas the other was a mousse and it got the seal of approval from my mother who said that my skin looked nice!

Verdict: After trying them both I would recommend mineral foundation and out of the two I've tried I would recommend No 7 Essentially Natural Mineral Foundation.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Review - Rimmel 60 seconds nail varnish

Right my first review.......having recently just moved house and having to pack all my toiletries, make up etc away I discovered that 1. I have way tooo much/many and 2. I have like a million nail varnishes and hardly ever use them.

With discovery number 2 in mind I decided that my (late) new years resolution should be to wear nail varnish at least once a week like I used to (I had a job where I couldn't wear any due to health and hygiene and haven't got into the habit of wearing it again). So whilst browsing in Boots my friends said that the new shade of Rimmel polish, Purple Reign, was defiantly a 'Karla colour' so obviously I had to buy it (and 2 others as they are on 3 for 2!)

As soon as I got home I painted it on using Nails Inc A&E as a base and top coat.

Overall I'm impressed with the coverage, 2 coats gives an even colour and it is also irridescent rather than being just a block purple colour. It also dried quickly, not sure on the 60 seconds though as didn't time it! Will give it the ultimate durability test at work tomorrow before trying another new colour tomorrow night!