Saturday, 22 January 2011

My exercise regime

I've always had abit of a funny relationship with food and exercise. I've always been on the 'larger' side and never really had a problem with it, I think that as long as your happy then what's the problem? But when I was 15/16 I lost loads of weight and was literally a stick, well a size 10, but with one thing and another I put it all back on. And more. I was the heaviest I had ever been.

When I was at school, admittedly it was almost at leaving age, I got into running so thought that a treadmill would be the issue to my problems. So 3 years ago I took the plunge and bought one and I got a free cross trainer. But it turns out in the 4 years since leaving school you can get that unfit running for more than a minute is no longer possible. I did use to power walk but that was mind numbingly boring. The BF used it quite abit though and as for the cross trainer, they are the devil in disguise. It did make a great clothes stand though!

Then 18 months ago I had an appointment with the nurse at my doctors and she told me about this weight loss clinic that had just started up and she was trying to persuade me to join. My BMI was 1.5 over the minimum you had to be to join but there was no way I was joining up. It was nice to think I'd probably be the thinnest person there!

When I moved house last February I had no where to put my exercise equipment so it got shoved in the garage and in the end I sold my treadmill and bought an exercise bike (I should have got one instead of the cross trainer!) I bought this Davina one from Argos:

I LOVE it! It's so easy to use and I put it together all by myself! I'd definitely recommend it.

I'm also going to be a bridesmaid in April and when I went to get measured for my dress with the other bridesmaid it was quite depressing as she is a dancer teacher and is literally a waif! Since then I had some personal problems and lost weight through not eating (DON'T DO THIS IT'S UNHEALTHY AND DANGEROUS). Then 4 months ago I went for my first fitting of my dress and it was mahoosive! Literally it was huge! Everyone kept saying "Oh my god, you've lot so much weight!" This felt really good so I'm now determined to keep it up, but to do it in a healthy way. I have my proper fitting in March so I'm on a countdown for then.

Also in March is the hen weekend which is at Centre Parcs and swim wear will have to be worn. I haven't worn this since I was 16 but have bought a tankini top and a pair of shorts which has a skirt over the top to try to cover my huge legs.

In preparation I have started cycling again (I stopped over christmas as I didn't have time) and even started using my exercise DVD which I bought 5 years ago! So far I have done 3 sections of this, not all at the same time as I don't wish to give myself a coronary! The fact I have to shift my very heavy coffee table out of the way to do it put's me off! I suppose that burns calories too....hmmm....I also have downloaded a few video podcasts for yoga for beginners. As of yet I haven't tried these.

I'll keep you all updated on how I'm doing on my sunday weekly week that was posts starting tomorrow!

Have you kick started the new year with an exercise regime? Do you have any tips or any types of exercise which you'd recommend?


Elizabeth said...

ahh good luck!

Try having half a grapefruit to kick start your day :) all raw foods (but grapefruit especially) have enzymes in them that help to increase your metabolism and encourage fat loss. I think grapefruit does something to reduce insulin levels in the body? If that is true then it works by affecting the blood sugar regulators in the body which has a knock on affect on the metabolism.

Sorry that was a longer reply than I'd intended to write :P

that AND drink lots of water!! Makes u feel full and flushes away toxins, the more water u drink the skinnier your body looks and feels (weirdly drinking more water often stops your body trying to retain it because it knows its getting enough so doesn't need to store it like a camel!)

Hope this helps xxx

Karla said...

Elizabeth - That's my downfall, I don't drink enough water. And I don't eat enough fruit and veg. But I might give the grapefruit a whirl, I'll try anything once!

Thanks for your advice hun! :-)


Olivia said...

Great post! I must of missed this one when you posted it! I have a cross trainer, but it's in our summer house, which is freezing in the winter and therefore I haven't been on it once! The bike looks really small though!

I've been doing the 30 day shred dvd. It's only 20 minutes long, but I can feel the burn after!
Well done on the weight loss! I need to get motivated again!

Karla said...

@Olivia - Aww thanks hun! Yeah the bike is really small so it's easy to store away when I'm not using it (like this week!) I've seen that loads of people are doing the 30 day shred, so I might have to investigate it! x

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