Sunday, 30 January 2011

The week that was...

Oh dear this week has been a disappointment regarding exercise. I've done sod all! This isn't due to laziness (well maybe a little) but because I've been busy all week.

I had 1 reply to my job applications, a rejection but onwards and upwards!

The BF has been away this week on a course as a part of his master technicians training and he passed this part! Soooo proud!

I still haven't got round to sorting out my BB. Or query my customs charge on my Everyday Minerals order. I will do these tomorrow.

And I hit the pan on my Benefit Sugarbomb powder. It was a sad sad day :-(

I've also updated the design of my blog with some pages up there ^ including one with my handmade cards on for sale and one with my blog sale on. These will be up there permanently so please take a look!

I also received a blog award from Steph at Random Rambles so I will be passing this on in due course and thank you Steph!

And to end, some cute photos from weheartit as a photoless post is a boring post!.....


Jess said...

Lovely photos!


Alex said...

Love the cute pics!

Miss V said...

I need to do that Hungry Caterpillar thing at some point in my life.

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