Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Review - Veet in-shower hair removal cream

This is the first of my reviews in my hair removal mini series of posts. So this review is focused on depilatories and in particular the Veet in-shower hair removal cream which is £6.29 for 150ml or £10.79 for 300ml and available from Boots.

I've been using this product for a few years now and I don't even know why I started as I hate hair removal creams, I always found that they never worked and smelt awful (thankfully scents have improved ALOT since then).

This is different to other hair removal creams as it claims to work in the shower without running off straight away. I find that this isn't the case. As soon as I step into the shower and it makes contact with water it starts to run off straight away. But I do apply this and leave it on for the maximum amount of time and then go into the shower to rinse it off using the sponge which comes with it. This way I can guarantee that it does remove hair. I also found that it works better than other hair removal creams which is why I keep buying it.

The small tube doesn't last very long so I buy the larger one. I've used all 3 fragrances and they all work as well as each other. I use this on my legs when I can't be bothered to epilate and on my bikini line as I find it easier than waxing/shaving/epilating.

Have you used this or do you use another hair removal product?


bhumika said...

v dnt have this 1 here in india..v just have the normal 1..

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