Friday, 7 January 2011

Review - Tweezerman and Red tweezers

Tweezing is the term relating to plucking hair out of the skin from the root using tweezers and is mainly used on the eyebrows and face. These can be picked up really cheaply from shops for around £1 up to £20 + and there are different types of tips: pointed, rounded and slanted.

I've tried just about every type and make of tweezer and have found 2 makes which are the creme de la creme of tweezers: Tweezerman and Red.

I first bought these Tweezerman tweezers (the green ones in the photo above) about 2/3 years ago after growing tired of cheaper ones not working as well as they should. These were quite pricey at £12 (these have increased in price over the years) but I had heard nothing but good things about them and I wasn't disappointed.

They always get the hair you want and don't snap it off like some other tweezers. They also manage to grab the tiny hairs which would normally get away.

Another brand which I bought recently was Red tweezers (the red pair in the photo above). I had been after a pair of pointed tweezers and these were reduced in Boots for only a couple of quid so thought I'd give them ago. I wanted these for ingrown hairs which I get on my legs as I epilate (always remember to dip in alcohol to sterilise before using) and they work really well. They're painless and work everytime.

After finding these brands I would never revert back to cheaper tweezers, well actually I did buy a pair of cheaper pointed ones and they were rubbish, didn't grip the hair at all, as they money you waste of them you could spend on a decent pair of Tweezermans or Reds.

These are available from many different retailers including BootsLook Fantastic and HQ Hair.

What do you think to the variety of tweezers? Do you think cheaper ones work as well as more expensive ones or do you think the same as me?


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