Friday, 21 January 2011

Haul - Sale shopping: Boots and ASOS

I know I'm late posting this but this is just a quick one to show what I picked up in the post-christmas sales. 

Apologies for the useless photo, I tried and tried to get a decent photo but it just wasn't happening. These are mini crimpers anyway. I had been umming and ahhing about whether to buy the Babyliss Root Boost but at £30 I didn't think I could justify buying it when I probably would only use it once in a blue moon. Then just before christmas I looked on ASOS and came across these mini crimpers which were only £7! Bargain or what?!

I've only had a quick play with these but I'm really impressed. They do get really hot and crimp really well, they definitely gave me more volume. I can't wait to try these out properly.

Baxter the dog. This was £15, I think, reduced from £30. I got this for Chris's niece for her birthday which is in March. I kind of don't want to give him away because he's too cute!

Next are presents for his other nieces who's birthday is in February. I think these were half price at £12.

I also got some things for my grandma for her birthday in April, with the exception of the Hello Kitty perfume, I forgot to include it in the previous photo but this was £7.50. So for my grandma I got some things from the Garden Collection. I bought her a couple of things from this collection in 2009 and she loved them so I know she'll like these. I got magnolia drawer liners, handwash and hand lotion and floral room sprays and votive candles. These were £11 all together.

And for me....I got a Korres mini sampler set. I got vanilla plum scent and you get a body wash, body lotion and a lip butter. This was around £6.50.

Did you find some bargains in the sales?


Christina T said...

Awesome haul! Do a tutorial or some pics on how that crimper works will ya? =] Im looking for a decent one too xD
Also, when you say your from Robin hood country, do you mean nottingham!? hello fellow Nottingham-er xD

Karla said...

Christina - I'll see what I can do about the tutorial! Yep from North Nottinghamshire, just down the road from Sherwood Forest so 'hello' to you too! :-)

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