Thursday, 20 January 2011

Haul - Boots and Savers

Ok, ok, I know that I said I wasn't going to buy anymore toiletries until I'd used up my stash but these ones are ok as the majority of them were free! 


These were free because I got them with my points! All Organic Surge products at Boots are currently on 2 for £8 and considering most of them are over £8 now the VAT increase has been effected this is a real bargain. These were £8.16 each so I saved £8.32!

And last week I had to return something but I didn't have my receipt so had to have an exchange. I got Vaseline aloe vera gel and cocoa butter gel which were 2 for £5 (or £4.89 each). I like the idea that they are a gel so they will be lighter to apply in the summer when lotions and butters are sometimes too rich.

I also got Naked rose body wash (£3.99) and Naked starflower body wash (£4.07), Tresemme naturals mini shampoo and conditioner (£1.32 each) and a Bourjois little round pot eyeshadow in shade 13 (£5.99).


Fee at Makeup Savvy tweeted about finding these Naked products in Savers so the next day when I was in town I popped in to check them out. They were £1 each instead of around £3.99 and I got a bottle of white ginger body wash, a tube of cocoa butter body cream and a tube of rice shower scrub.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


About Makeup Savvy said...

Oh glad your Savers had the Naked products :)
Such a good saving :) the body cream and shower scrub are just lovely!

Fee x

Karla said...

I wasn't feeling too hopeful about my local store having them but they did. Even took my mum in today for her to stock up! x

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