Thursday, 6 January 2011

Review - Wilkinson Sword Inituition razor

Wilkinson Sword Intuition razors are quite an old product which I have used since it first came out in 2004. 

Until recently it was unique in the sense that it was the only razor which had a 3-in1 feature which lathered, shaved and moisturised in one easy step. (Please excuse the shabby state of my razor in the photo below). Now there is also the Gillette Spa Breeze which has a 2-in-1 shaving feature.

Before this was launched I used to use disposable razors with shaving foam but always ended up with cuts and shaving rashes on my legs which were sore and looked horrible. With the intuition this doesn't happen. I find that it glides over my skin easy and more importantly it saves me time in the morning.

As I epilate my legs I only use this under my arms, unless I'm feeling lazy and then I'll use on my legs, so in the morning I don't have time to put on shaving foam and then shave before showering. This is easy as all you do it wet it with water, shave and ta da! Done!

The only down side is the price of it. For a shaver with 1 blade it is £5.69 and for the replacement blades it is £6.19 for three. This price has varied little in the time since it was launched which for me as a 15/16 year old was quite pricey so I only ever, and still do, buy these when they're on offer. The only consolation for the price is that the blade does last a long time, I'd say 4-6 weeks, but like I said before I only use this under my arms.

The shape of the razor handle also screams amazing grip! It is a good shape for holding it and the super non-slip rubber means there's no risk of it slipping and sliding out of your hands whilst in the shower.

As I've been using this for 6/7 years now I would 100% recommend this and I unless some sort of amazing super razor is launched I can see myself using this for many years to come.

Have you used this, what did you think? Or are you planning on giving it a go?


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