Monday, 22 November 2010

Extreme spa treatments

With the recent trend and interest in vajazzling (sticking gems on the bikini area), thanks to The Only Way Is Essex, I thought I would do a quick bit of research into other extreme spa treatments.

Fish pedicures.
Yes that's right you stick your feet into a bowl/tank of water which has specially bred Garra Rufa fish in which nibble off the dead skin!

This costs around £25 - £35 for a treatment and is available around the country.

Snow Paradise.
This makes me feel chilly just writing this! Snow Paradise is a treatment where you sit in a snow covered cave in your bikini with the aim of tightening pores, stimulating circulation and boosting your energy levels.

This is available at Lions Quay Waterside Resort in Shropshire for around £45 for an all-day pass.

This is another chilly treatment where you dress in clogs, socks, fleecy shorts, fleecy bra tops and a fleecy headband before going into a room which is -135˚c (no that isn't a typo it really is that cold) where you are then blasted with liquid nitrogen for 3 minutes before being put on a power plate machine for 25 minutes.

This is currently only available at Champneys and starts at £50 a session.

Lava shell colonic massage.
This is like the 'normal' colonic irrigation except nothing goes inside the body. Tiger clam shells are used during this deep stomach massage to cleanse the colon and to help promote a healthy digestive system, radiant skin and a flatter stomach.

This costs around £80 and is available around the country.

Has anyone tried any of these? What do you think of these treatments? Do you fancy having your feet nibbles at by fish or having liquid nitrogen blasted at you? I might stick to the conventional pedicure and massage!


Jess said...

Wow, these all sound amazing, however I cannot handle the idea of laying in snow in a bikini. I'd only ever heard of the fish pedicure, and it is now available only ten minutes away from where I live and I'd love to try it out. I've heard you can get full body fish 'treatments' where they remove dead skin cells from all over your body.



Karla said...

@ Jess - No, the idea of sitting in a freezing cold cave in a bikini doesn't appeal to me either, nor does being blasted with liquid nitrogen! I'd never seen a fish pedicure place until today when I saw an 'appy feet' in York. Would love to try it so maybe next time I go I'll try to persuade my mum and our friend to have it done with me! xx

jadore said...

ive heard of those fish pedicures! I would never be able to sit there with fish nibbling on my feet.

Jewelrybead said...

This was a great informative post. Snow paradise sounds like something I experienced in Las Vegas a few years back (although not beauty related- lol!). They have a bar at one of the popular hotels (can't remember which one for the life of me) and upon entrance you are handed a "fur" coat (not real) and you are escorted into a freezing room to drink spirits in frigid temps. I walked out after about 2 minutes with a chill that lasted all night :) People actually stay in the ice room for quite a bit of time!!


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