Sunday, 22 May 2011

The week that was....

What a week I've had! I think you all know this as it's all I've been moaning about on Twitter for the past week but my phone broke :-( Yes my beloved BB gave up. First I thought it was my sim card as it wasn't being recognised, then it started working again, then it broke again, I tried another sim in my phone but that didn't work either but my sim worked in another phone. Confusing? Yes it was, as was the lovely man from Orange who decided to send me a brand new phone.

So on friday I couldn't wait for my new phone to arrive and when it still didn't work. It had the same problem so I decided to get up early on Saturday and go to my local orange shop to see if they could help. They were really helpful and rang up customer services for me and they arranged for a new sim card to be sent out which would be delivered today (sunday) between 1pm and 5pm!

So at 9am I was shocked when the courier was ringing my doorbell with my new sim. Actually I think he was more shocked seeing me with a birds nest in my hair, my manky PJ's and no make up on! But the good thing is that my phone is now in full working order but with a new BB pin so I've had to add everyone again which is a pain!

So apart from that little set back I still have no date to start my new job but I did have a test run driving there on thursday which went quite well, except for my mum and dad shouting at me for making a wrong turn, me shouting back at them and then finally them shouting at each other! Talk about stressful, you have no idea!

So there we have it my quite boring week! Hope you've all had a good one!

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Jenna Suth said...

I'm glad your phone problems have all be solved :) what hassle you had! xo

Karla said...

@ Jenna - Tell me about it! It felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall but hopefully *touch wood* everything's fixed now! x

rosieposie said...

oh no i hate problems like that - they take on a life of their own and are super stressful. hope you have a better week this week :-)

Anonymous said...

Karla I think we have the same parents!!! As much I love mine I've had the very same happen to me. Yelling at someone while they are driving just makes you hepped up and more likely to make more mistakes.

When I started my first job my dad wanted me to drive there while he was in the car. I don't he believed I passed my test. Well queue the shouting from the moment we pulled out the drive till I got to work. I've never driven while having him in the car and that was over 20 years ago!

Glad you got your phone sorted, hopefully you'll get your start date soon too! x

Karla said...

@Skin Scrubs - It was so stressful, I kept saying just let me drive and do it by myself because you're stressing me out but noooooooo they always had to put their opinion in: "you need to be in that lane", "If you'd have turned off up their" blah blah blah. In the end I got so annoyed I shouted "We're going home, I can't be arsed" and that shut them up, the car was silent! x

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