Monday, 30 May 2011

New Body Shop duo body butters

The Body Shop have come up with a new product, a duo body butter. The pot is divided into two sections where in one half the product is developed for normal skin and the other half for dry skin. It seems such a simple idea it makes me wonder why someone hasn't thought of it before!

The butters are available in four different scents: macadamia, vanilla, floral acai and sweet pea.

These RRP at £12.50 but they are currently priced at £10.00 as an introductory offer! Buuuuut if you have a Love Your Body card on the 2nd June they have a 30% off event so you could get the body butter for £7!

These are available exclusively at The Body Shop.


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Karla, we only use Body Shop products in my house and have waiting for these to come out, they look so lush! I will have to hot foot down to the BS next week with my card, only prob is which to choose lol! xx

Skin Scrubs said...

Now Karla are you making me buy stuff?? I do have a love your body card.....:D

Karla said...

@ Heidi - I know the decisions of which one to get is too hard! x

@Skin Scrubs - Noooooo, would I ever do that?!? x

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