Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mandara Spa

Mandara Spa wasn't a name I was familiar with until recently when I saw adverts from Sainsbury's introducing this range into their stores.

Mandara Spa began in Bali and they are now in many locations round the world as well as now being available in your home.

Products include:

Pampering Honey Bath (500ml) - £14.50
Exfoliating Sugar Scrub (350g) - £10.50 

 Moisturising Body Lotion (150ml) - £6.50
Conditioning Shower Cream (200ml) - £6.50
Softening Bath Milk (500ml) - £9.00

 Not pictured:
Moisturising Bath Essence, Smoothing Shower Scrub, Softening Body Cream, Nourishing Body Butter, Softening Body Cream, Gentle Hand Wash, Conditioning Hand Lotion, Nourishing Hand Cream, Body Room and Linen Mist, Fragrance Diffuser and Gift Collections.

Most of these products come in five different fragrances including:

Tropical Blooms (red packaging) - "Immerse yourself in the exotic fragrance of jasmine and ylang ylang and be transported to a calming tropical garden where you can escape, relax and wind down."

Honeymilk Dream (brown/orange packaging) - "Immerse yourself int he comforting blend of honey and sweet almond oil and be cocooned in a magical spa where the mind and body will be soothed and pampered."

Amber Heaven (purple packaging) - "Immerse yourself in the sensual fragrance of sandalwood and patchouli and experience an exotic spa paradise where you can enjoy the ultimate pampered experience."

Island Paradise (light blue/aqua packaging) - "Immerse yourself in the revitalising fragrance of grapefruit and lemon and be transported to an exotic island where the stress and tension of daily life will melt away."

Citrus Spice (lime green packaging) - "Immerse yourself int he energising fragrance of bitter orange, ginger and nutmeg and be transported to a tropical island where your mind and body will be revitalised and refreshed."

These are available from Sainsburys or Time to Spa.


Anonymous said...

I ordered a Mandarin Spa body scrub with my Sainsbury's shop a few weeks ago and it was out of stock!

Karla said...

@Skin Scrubs - Oh no! Which one did you want to try? I like the look of the tropical blooms, island paradise and citrus spice products. Might have to have a trip to sainsburys! x

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