Saturday, 16 April 2011

Review - Korres vanilla plum shower gel

I have never used a Korres product before and then in the Boots christmas sale they had a mini giftset half price at £6.50 which contained a shower gel, body lotion and lip butter in the vanilla plum fragrance. So in the need of research I jumped at the chance to buy it!

Korres is a Greek brand which started in Athens in 1996 and it uses pharmaceutical knowledge of over 3,000 homeopathy and herbal remedies to create it's products which are also certified organic and natural e.g. no parabens or SLS.

I have only used the shower gel so far as I have far too many body lotions open which isn't good for my product use up challenge.

First thing I noticed is the colour (you can just about see it above the label on the bottle), it is a strange dark yellowy brown colour but the smell! Simply gorgeous! You get a hit of sweet vanilla but with a juicy plum twist.

The formulation is quite a little thicker than others but not gloopy and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. The only downside of the product is the bottle. When you take the lid off it's completely open so if you dropped it you'd loose most of your product and it would be quite easy to squeeze far too much out causing wastage.

I would buy the full sized product (250ml) which is priced at £7.50 which I don't think is too bad considering how much some other brands charge. For a large range of Korres products check out Look Fantastic and they also offer a slight discount on the range.

Has anyone else used any Korres products? Which ones would you recommend?


Vintage Makeup said...

I want to try Korres products!

Anonymous said...

I've got 5 Korres shower gels at the moment. I always have Fig, Guava, Basil Lemon, Cedar, and Juniper & Rum in my shower. I love that they do so many different types of scents.

The full size products have a flip top lids and I always turn them upside down to get every last drop out. They are great value for money at £7ish.

Karla said...

@Vintage Makeup - I want to try more, I like the look of their skincare products

@Skin Scrubs - My mum got a fig one ages ago and that smelt gorgeous. Yeah they do have different fragrances from other brands which I like

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