Thursday, 28 April 2011

Review - Soap & Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes

When Garnier introduced their infamous Caffeine Eye Roll-On on to the market in, I believe, 2009, I thought it could possibly be the answer to my prayers for my stubborn dark under eye circles but I held off from purchasing it due to lack of funds. Yes it's only a few pounds but at that time the money could be spent by myself more wisely i.e. food!

Then I saw that Soap & Glory had brought out their own version of the Garnier product, but with some differences. You Won't Believe Your Eyes is a 15ml tube of under eye serum which aims to help combat bags and puffiness.

Another selling point was the fact that this product has three rollerball massagers rather than having one like other similar products.

The serum contains Instant Tight and Puffease-360 technology to help lighten, brighten and uplift the eye area. It has got a slight pearlescent colour to it which when applied too thickly can show up on the skin. I've tried to photo this but it hasn't shown up very well.

To tackle this problem I squeeze out a little of the product, massage it on using the three rollerballs and then smooth it out evenly with my fingers.

I haven't seen a long term improvement to my under eye area but I could have all the sleep in the world and my dark circles won't go, they're there so I just have to live with them. But back to the serum. The rollerballs make my eyes feel really awake and rejuvenated and the serum itself does make my skin look more illuminated. I think for someone who is suffering from a lack of sleep and this is why they have dark circles, it could really work, even though it didn't leave me with a massive improvement to my under eye area I would repurchase.

This is available from Boots for £9.19.


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