Friday, 8 April 2011

Champneys now at Boots!

Founded in the 1980's Champneys is the UK's finest spa brand and in 2004 they released a set of products so that we could experience that spa feeling in our own homes. These were exclusively available at Sainsburys but now Boots have gained exclusivity to the range which means it's products are becoming more accessible to those of us who don't have a Sainsburys near by.

For those of you (and myself) who haven't seen the Champney's range here is a quick round up of the different ranges and products which they do.


Eye Make Up Remover (150ml) - £7.00
Skin Plus Collagen Intense Day Cream SPF 15 (50ml) - £20.00

Other products include: Cleanser, Toner, Face Wipes, Exfoliator, Eye Cream, Plumping Lip Gloss, Facial Serum, Facial Oil and more

Oriental Opulence, Mediterranean Bliss and Thai Royale

 Mediterranean Bliss Bubble Heaven (400ml) - £12.00
 Thai Royale Shower Cream (250ml) - £8.00
Oriental Opulence Body Cream (175ml) - £12.00

Other products include:
Mediterranean Bliss: Body Glow, Body Hydrator, Shimmering Body Oi, Shower Cream, Travel Collection
Oriental Opulence: Bubble Heaven, Shower Cream, Body Glow, Travel Collection
Thai Royale: Beauty Oil, Body Cream, Body Heaven


Relaxing Body Butter (350ml) - £10.00

Other products include: Pillow Mist, Dream Bath 

Exotic Retreat

Body Glow (200g) - £12.00

Other products available: Bubble Heaven, Shower Cream, Body Cream

Citrus Blush

Hand Wash (250ml) - £5.50
Hand Lotion (250ml) - £6.50

Other products include: Body Butter, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Dry Body Oil, Shower Gel


 Lotion Spritz (250ml) - £7.00

Other products include: Body Scrub, Shower Gel

Skin Comforting

Miracle Balm (15ml) - £5.00

Other products include: Body Butter, Bathing Milk, Shower Cream

So there we have it a round up of different products available. These are available in Boots stores and online. Is there anything that's caught your eye already or have you used this brand when it was in Sainsburys? Please let me know!


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