Sunday, 31 March 2013

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Product Use Up - March

Not everything finished this month has been photographed as some things I finished on holiday but here is what I used up whilst at home:

1x face cleanser
1x shower gel
1x deodorant
1x spot gel
1x face cream

A bit of a slow month but I'm going to be back on the product use up wagon next month!

Organix Macadamia Dry Styling Oil

I got this a while ago before it was available in the UK but have only just got round to using it as hair oils tend to last an absolute age.

This oil is made using Macadamia nut oil which gives hair a silky new life and it also includes Bamboo extract to help mend split ends.

I use a good sized 10p sized amount for my hair and sometimes use extra for the ends to give an extra moisture boost.

My hair is left feeling hydrated and smooth and in no means greasy or over loaded with product. The only down side to this product is that it doesn't have a pump top bottle so you have to carefully squeeze it out.

This is now available in the UK and is priced at £6.99 from Tesco and Superdrug.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fekkai Essential Shea Butter Pot de Creme

When I bought this I thought it was an intensive conditioner so when I opened it up to slather it on my hair to give it a moisture boost I luckily opened the instructions for a quick read and discovered it's actually to be used before blow drying for a smoothing effect.

The products itself looks like a slightly gone off diary product but it smells amazing! I used a piece the size of a 10p piece for my hair but could have used more, I was a little scared of my hair going greasy due to using too much. 

After drying my hair, it was left smoothed and soft and it smelt lovely! Currently I am alternating using this and my hair oil but it does add moisture to my hair.

This is a 150g pot and is priced at £33.00. I have a feeling that Fekkai is no longer available in the UK but it you're lucky enough to find this somewhere then snap it up because you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wednesday Wishlist - 29


Ted Baker Leather Annar Orchid Purse - £99.00
Ted Baker Brinkle Leather Cross Bidy Bag - £139.00

Warehouse Leopard Satchel - £38.00

George at Asda

Sequin Heart Sweater - £12.00


Lipsy Heart Sweater - £30.00

River Island

Silver Asymmetric Panel Clutch Bag - £15.00
Black oft Lock Clutch Bag - £15.00 

Grey Burnout Animal Print Skater Skirt - £20.00

Monday, 25 March 2013

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain

I had never used a lip stain before, all the ones from other brands seemed to be too bright but this shade from MUA seemed to be more up my street.

I bought Fabulicious and it is a pale pink shade. You simple paint onto your lips and let it dry. I found it dries my lips out a little but my lips were stained pink for most of the day. I think if I was out I would have to reapply to top up the colour but I would apply a gloss over the top to try to add a bit of moisture to my lips and it might even make the colour last longer too.

There are 3 different shades of lip stain available from MUA and they are a purse friendly £3 each.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Marshmallow Blends Carrot Cake Brown Sugar Scrub

I love a good sugar scrub but have found that some products can leave your skin sticky and with a nasty coating on so I find it hard to find a good quality scrub. When I saw that Nicoletta from Nicoletta's Beauty Space had started selling homemade beauty products I couldn't wait to try out her brown sugar scrubs.

I ordered three different scented scrubs: carrot cake, caramel cupcake and rustic gingerbread and they all smelt amazing! The fragrance didn't smell synthetic but wasn't that strong that it was overpowering. The tubs were crammed full right to the top so you really do get value for money.

When in the shower I noticed a little of this really does go a long way and the fact that the brown sugar was quite coarse meant that you need less over all because it gives a really good exfoliation. And they didn't leave a sticky residue after which I loved!

The scrubs are priced at £4.99 each and I would repurchase. Check out the Marshmallow Blends website to see everything that Nicoletta makes and it's all reasonably priced.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Money Saving Tips - 3

This is the final of my Money Saving Tips posts for now so I hope they've given you some ideas and if you have any tips of your own then please comment below!

1. Cancel free trials before they end
Often when you sign up for a free trial you have to enter payment details so you'll be charged when the trial's over. To stop this from happening set a reminder on your phone for you to cancel a couple of days before the trial is up so you won't get charged.

2. Discount travel tickets
Sign up for free alerts for when your tickets are available to buy so you don't miss out on the best prices.

3. Discounted delivery
Next day delivery can be quite expensive so if you buy from a specific website quite alot see if they do discounted bulk delivery. ASOS have a premier account which costs £9.95 to join and you get free next day delivery worth £4.99 for a year!

4. Bigger packs don't mean better value
When in shops compare the larger packs of products to smaller ones, if smaller ones are on offer then they sometimes work out better value than buying bulk packs.

5. Check for discounts codes
If you're buying something online have a look for any discount codes floating about. Just Google what you want a code for e.g. River Island discount codes, and you could find a code. Even if it's for free delivery then thats £4 better off in your pocket than theirs.

6. Take advantage of interest free credit
If making a big purchase then take advantage of interest free credit which is often offered if you take out store cards. Just make sure you pay the amount off before the interest free period ends and then cut up the card to prevent more spending.

7. Sell on ebay 
We all have clothes and things we don't use so list them on ebay, check for free listing weekends which are currently every couple of weeks, amd make some money. Even a couple of quid for an old pair of jeans is better than nothing.

8. Join members only websites
Websites such as and offer premium brands at a discounted price and holidays for a fraction of the normal price. Just join and register for email updates for upcoming promotions.

9. Reduced meat 
Check the reduced sections in supermarkets for meat which is near it's best before/use by date. This canbe frozen for use at another date and bigger packs can be broken down for several meals.

10. Don't take your bank card on nights out 
Take cash and leave your card at home so you won't be tempted to visit the cash machine. Hide a spare £10 in the back of your purse for emergencies but set a budget and stick to it.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Guest Post - MakeUpLand 2011

Todays guest blog post is from MakeUpLand 2011.

I’m a social media, beauty, Kawaii (cute) junkie! Most of the time is spent online or chatting about makeup. I’m a 30-something year old Japanese-American makeup geek who wishes she were British (or at least possessed a British accent)! My dream is to go to Korea with an empty suitcase (to buy an exuberant amount of makeup & skincare goodies). XOXO. 

Face of the Day #1

Tutorials are too difficult to write on blog posts (in my opinion). And plus I’m not by any means an expert or professional at applying makeup! So, I decided to capture my very first “Face of the Day.” I cannot fathom the exuberant amount of makeup I put on this morning (18)! Holey moley ladies and gentlemen! Let’s get started and let me walk you through the products that I used:

Face (#1)

  1. CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation #855Soft Honey
  2. MAC Select Sheer/Pressed Powder NC40
  3. HourGlass Ambient Lighting Powder Radiant Light
  4. Tarte  Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Exposed
  5. Bourjois Bronzing Powder #52

The CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation is my current go to drugstore foundation. I apply it with my fingers.  When used with a brush it left splotchy foundation marks! Be mindful of what products you use with this product. I have heard that certain products do not blend well with this foundation. 

Face (#2)

  1. Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever (pore primer essence)
  2. SkinFood Red Orange Makeup Finish (matte type)
  3. Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist BR555
  4. Anastasia Brow Wiz Caramel 
  5. Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen

Most important thing to put on your face after a nice moisturizer is sunscreen! Gotta protect your face from the sun. The Naruko sunscreen does not leave your skin feeling oily and has SPF 55. Despite its name (BB Sunscreen), it does not act as a BB cream. Sorry folks!


  1. Maybelline Lashionista Mascara #01 Black
  2. Milani Shadow Eyez #03 Champagne Toast
  3. Make Up For Ever HD Concealer #325
  4. Rimmel Chocolat Sweet Eyes #003
  5. Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze
  6. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Seriously! I use this product EVERYDAY! I am head over heals in love with it. It does not smudge, lasts all day (8-12 hours), and is cheap (in the States). Can you guess what I am raving about? It is the Milani Shadow Eyez. I have not heard many bloggers or YouTubers review this product but I simply find it uh-mazing! If you can get your hands on it, get it because you will not regret it! Check out my February Beauty Favorites for a mini review on the Milani Shadow Eyez. 


  1. BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Dare Devil
  2. NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm

Why did not discover you sooner? The NUXE lip balm is! Yes, people it is that good. One of my holey grail lip balms! It leaves your lips super moisturized, soft, hydrated. I enjoy putting the balm on my lips at night and in the morning before I apply my makeup. I cannot live without you, NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm!

How many products do you use? Is 18 too much? 


Monday, 18 March 2013

Guest Post - Annabella from Skin Scrubs

Today is the first of my posts from guest bloggers and first up is Annabella!

Hello everyone Annabella from Skin Scrubs here! 

I've always wanted to share my little collection of green eyeliners, it's the only kind of makeup I have in multiples aside from nail polish.... So okay here goes!

From left to right:

Cover Girl Liquiline Blast in Green Glow - This is very cream eyeliner with a nubby thing at the end to smudge.

Lise Watier Eye Shadow in Lime - Similar to the Cover Girl shade, Lise Watier eyeliners are really good for lasting during the day. 

Barry M Kohl Pencil in 17 - This pencil is really hard and I rarely use it. 

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Green Eyes - Another creamy eyeliner, I love the warmth of the this green!

KIKO Double Glam in 06 - The last two colours come from the same KIKO pencil. I really love KIKO makeup, it's cheap but good quality. 

From left to right:

Sephora Eye Pencil in Kaki Green - This is more of a swampy green/brown but I don't mind. 

Sephora Doe Eyed (don't know the colour - This goes on black so you have to wait for it to turn green. This has since been discontinued probably because it was too dry.

Clinique Quick Eyes in Khaki - I've used this eyeliner since Quick Eyes came out in the 90's. There is eyeshadow at the other end, it's great for everyday wear. 

Sephora Waterproof Jumbo Liner in 09 Khaki - This is great for smudgy looks but it's not as pigmented as I'd hoped. 

From left to right:

Sephora Waterproof Jumbo Liner in 10 Green - Again similar to the other colour great for smudgy looks but a bit light on the pigmentation. 

KIKO Eye Pencil in 107 - This is softer than the Barry M green and easy to build up colour. 

Clinique Kohl Shaper for Eyes in Blackened Teal - I've had this for some time now, I never know if it looks good on me until I use it and then I love it. 

KIKO Precision Eye Pencil in 304 - This is similar colour to the Clinique Blackened Teal. Another easy to use super smudgy eyeliner from KIKO. 

Sephora Long Last Eyeliner in Glitter Green - As you can see it's barely green let alone with glitter and super watery too!

The conclusion is, Sephora eyeliners are not worth it IMHO. They are expensive and the colour pay off varies. KIKO eyeliners are worth the money and you can never go wrong with Clinique for everyday. 

One day maybe I'll buy a new colour.....

Thanks for reading - Annabella 

Thanks Annabella for guest posting for me and everyone check out her blog because it's one of my favourites!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

MUA Cover & Concealer concealer wand

I had high hopes for this concealer wand by MUA. I had hoped Cover & Conceal was going to be like Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer but I was a little disappointed.

The concealer wasn't as thick and the shade was really pale. I got Almond but it was really light and didn't blend with my normal foundation at all. For covering blemishes this would be ok to use for as I normally use under my eyes to cover my dark circles it had little impact on hiding them.

For £1.50 it's not too bad and I have used worse which cost alot more. Personally I'll be sticking to my Collection 2000 concealer.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Review - Nip & Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter

The green colour of this body butter is slightly off putting but the scent of it immediately puts any worries at bay. The scent of pistachios is amazing! It smells really creamy and sweet, actually it smells good enough to eat!

The butter itself is thick and luxurious. It also sinks into the skin quickly leaving it feeling soft and silky and slightly scented like pistachios. A little goes a long way and this little 50ml miniature will last me quite a while.

I will without a doubt be buying this again and I will be trying out the other scents in the body butter range.

A full sized 250ml tub is £8.49 from Boots but I have recently seen it in TK Maxx for £4.99!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesday Wishlist - 28


Heart Top - £14
Military Jacket - £45
Rabbit Jumper - £30

Jersey Biker Jacket - £25
Apricot Tote Bag - £28

River Island

Silver owl pendant necklace - £8.00
Rose Gold Diamante Heart Stud Earring - £3.00

Black Chain Belt Dress - £65.00
White Wrap Mini Skirt - £25.00

Monday, 11 March 2013

Money Saving Tips - 2

This is my second money saving posts so I hope there's some tip you can use to try to save yourself a few pennies.

1. Write a months budget
Based on how much you're due to get paid write a budget. Work out your outgoings and then you'll know how much you have spare to treat yourself! Of course try to save a little for a rainy day too!

2. Sort your direct debits 
Try to schedule your direct debits to go out of your account just after payday then you won't forget about a bill which could leave you short for the rest of the month or give you unnecessary bank charges.

3. Ebay outlet stores
Shops such as Argos, Schuh and Office list last seasons stock on their Ebay outlet shops at a fraction of the original selling price. When I lived on my own I got 2 sofas from Argos for £200 instead of £1000!

4. Cook in batches
Cook a big pot of stew or a big pan of curry and freeze half of it. They'll come in handy when you haven't got the time to cook or for a quick lunch at work and by freezing you're less likely to throw any leftovers which will also save you money.

5. Got spare parking
If you live near a train station and have a spare parking space then why not rent it out? Even if you charge £50 a month people will be willing to pay rather than having to pay for expensive parking at the station and £50 is better than having an empty drive or parking space. Search online for website which you can advertise on.

6. Stop buying bottled water
You get water through your kitchen tap so why buy it? Instead buy a bobble bottle which filters as you drink so you'll get purer water and at £10 it'll soon pay for itself.

7. Like brands on Facebook
Brands often tell their followers of Facebook and Twitter of exclusive offers before everyone else. These can include sales, discount codes and sometimes even free samples.

8. Orange Wednesdays
If you're on Orange and like going to the cinema take advantage of their Orange Wednesday cinema offers where you get 2 for 1 entry for films on Wednesdays. Easily a miminum £7.50 saving.

9. Mystery shopping
Sign up to be a mystery shopper and get around £10 for each visit you make. You'll often be asked to buy something, ask staff questions and return something but this can be done in under half an hour.

10. Free samples 
There are a number of websites which exist purely to inform people of brands which are offering free samples. These are more popular when a new product is released and baby and child products are realy popular. These samples also often come with money off coupons so take advantage if you like the product.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Product Use Up - February

Product use up this month has gone well yet again. Here's what I've finished:

Shampoo - 2
Conditioner - 2
Deodorant - 1
Shower gel - 2
Dry shampoo - 1
Face mask - 2
Face wash - 1
Hair straightening balm - 1
Face wipes - 2
Body scrub - 1
Hand cream - 1
Body lotion - 1

Total - 17 products!

How is your product use up challenge going?