Friday, 22 March 2013

Money Saving Tips - 3

This is the final of my Money Saving Tips posts for now so I hope they've given you some ideas and if you have any tips of your own then please comment below!

1. Cancel free trials before they end
Often when you sign up for a free trial you have to enter payment details so you'll be charged when the trial's over. To stop this from happening set a reminder on your phone for you to cancel a couple of days before the trial is up so you won't get charged.

2. Discount travel tickets
Sign up for free alerts for when your tickets are available to buy so you don't miss out on the best prices.

3. Discounted delivery
Next day delivery can be quite expensive so if you buy from a specific website quite alot see if they do discounted bulk delivery. ASOS have a premier account which costs £9.95 to join and you get free next day delivery worth £4.99 for a year!

4. Bigger packs don't mean better value
When in shops compare the larger packs of products to smaller ones, if smaller ones are on offer then they sometimes work out better value than buying bulk packs.

5. Check for discounts codes
If you're buying something online have a look for any discount codes floating about. Just Google what you want a code for e.g. River Island discount codes, and you could find a code. Even if it's for free delivery then thats £4 better off in your pocket than theirs.

6. Take advantage of interest free credit
If making a big purchase then take advantage of interest free credit which is often offered if you take out store cards. Just make sure you pay the amount off before the interest free period ends and then cut up the card to prevent more spending.

7. Sell on ebay 
We all have clothes and things we don't use so list them on ebay, check for free listing weekends which are currently every couple of weeks, amd make some money. Even a couple of quid for an old pair of jeans is better than nothing.

8. Join members only websites
Websites such as and offer premium brands at a discounted price and holidays for a fraction of the normal price. Just join and register for email updates for upcoming promotions.

9. Reduced meat 
Check the reduced sections in supermarkets for meat which is near it's best before/use by date. This canbe frozen for use at another date and bigger packs can be broken down for several meals.

10. Don't take your bank card on nights out 
Take cash and leave your card at home so you won't be tempted to visit the cash machine. Hide a spare £10 in the back of your purse for emergencies but set a budget and stick to it.


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