Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fekkai Essential Shea Butter Pot de Creme

When I bought this I thought it was an intensive conditioner so when I opened it up to slather it on my hair to give it a moisture boost I luckily opened the instructions for a quick read and discovered it's actually to be used before blow drying for a smoothing effect.

The products itself looks like a slightly gone off diary product but it smells amazing! I used a piece the size of a 10p piece for my hair but could have used more, I was a little scared of my hair going greasy due to using too much. 

After drying my hair, it was left smoothed and soft and it smelt lovely! Currently I am alternating using this and my hair oil but it does add moisture to my hair.

This is a 150g pot and is priced at £33.00. I have a feeling that Fekkai is no longer available in the UK but it you're lucky enough to find this somewhere then snap it up because you won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crow that's a lot of money for a hair balm! Does it smell perfumey?

Karla said...

It is alot of money but I got it in the sale from ASOS after christmas and think it was £9 so couldn't resist! No it smells slightly sweet and creamy and after your hair smells lovely x

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