Day Zero Project

Start date: 29th May 2011
End date: 23rd February 2014

Completed: 52/101

To do:
Food and Drink
Stop drinking pop for a month
Don't drink alcohol for a month
Make ice cream from scratch
Go on a 5 day liquid detox diet
Eat vegetarian for a week
Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever comes up

Home and Lifestyle
Use up all my large Yankee Candle jars
Use up all my Yankee Candle tarts
Use up all my Yankee Candle samples
Get a new pension
Buy some premium bonds again
Get an ISA

Health and Beauty
Give blood
Find out my blood type
Lose a stone by the end of 2012
Get in the best shape of my life
Get a facial
Get properly fitted for a bra
Take health problems more seriously

Visit another continent
Visit Ireland
Ride the London Eye
Visit Edinburgh
Visit the seaside
Have a romantic weekend away
Spend a night in a hotel on my own

Lists and Goals
Write a list of 10 things I like about myself
Write another list of 101 things to do in the next 1001 days
Make a playlist of my 101 favourite songs
Reduce my toiletries stash in half by the end of 2013
Send a charity box for christmas 2013
Complete half of my uncompleted goals by the end of 2014

Blogging and Photos
Take a full length photo of me every week for a year
Take a photo for each letter of the alphabet
Document a 'day in my life' in photos
Keep a 'my day in 6 words' journal for 6 weeks
Update my blog at least once a week
Go to a Blogger meet up

Watch the sunrise on a beach
Watch a sunset on the beach
Watch a meteor shower
See a psychic and get my fortune told
Stay up all night
See a movie in 3D
Get a new bloke :-)
Ask a guy for his number
Buy no more tights until I have non left (got about 20 pairs!)
Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
Give up something for Lent
Say "yes" to something I wouldn't normally do

In progress:
Try 20 new recipes (10/20)
Fruit Loaf (June 2011)
- Milk Chocolate fudge (Dec 2011)
- Spiced White Chocolate Chip Muffins (September 2012)
- Steak and Kidney Pie (January 2013)
- Courgette Lasagne (January 2013)
- Lemon and Poppy Seed Loaf Cake (February 2013)
- Creme egg brownies (March 2013)
- Lime and Coconut cupcakes (March 2013)
- Babybel burgers (June 2013)
- Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes (August 2013)
Put away £25 for every goal I complete (£1400 saved)
Take a photo of the same place every month for a year and make into a calendar
- Started January 2013
Move out of home (started August 2013)

Buy a new car - Completed November 2011
Write a letter to myself to be opened when 1001 days is over - Completed May 2011
Go to a concert/gig/show - Completed October 2011
Russell Kane 7th Oct 2011  /  Russell Kane 14th Dec 2011  /  Chris Ramsey 6th October 2012
Make a new friend - Completed June 2011
- Made loads due to starting my new job
See a comedian live - Completed October 2011
Russell Kane 7th Oct 2011  /  Russell Kane 14th Dec 2011  /  Chris Ramsey 6th October 2012
Grow my hair past my shoulders - Completed October 2011
Write a journal everyday for a month - Completed December 2011
Pay my mum and dad back - January 2012
Take one picture everyday for a month - Completed March 2012
Vote - Completed 2012
Get a job closer to home - Completed July 2012
Find a job that I love - Completed July 2012
Pay off my debts - Completed September 2012
Watch 10 films I haven't seen before - Completed September 2012
Madagascar 2  /  Nativity  /  (500) Days of Summer  /  The Holiday  /  The Devil Wears Prada
Baby Mama  /  The Proposal  /  Robots  /  Nowhere Boy  /  This is England
Get contact lenses - Completed November 2012
Join YouTube - Completed November 2012
Drink 5 cocktails I've never tried before - Completed November 2012
Dark Horse  /  Berry Blue  /  Cosmopolitan  /  Margarita  /  Purple Haze
Read a book in a day - Completed October 2012
No more wages subs for the rest of 2012 - Completed December 2012
Wear nail polish at least twice a month in 2012 - Completed December 2012
Make a wish on 12/12/12 at 12:12pm - Completed December 2012
Cook christmas dinner - Completed December 2012
Watch all the Harry Potter films in a week - Completed December 2012
Don't wear black for a week - Completed November 2012
Spend a rainy day watching movies in my PJ's - Completed November 2012
Read 2 books by the end of 2012 - Completed December 2012
Build a snowman - Completed January 2013
Bake a pie - Completed January 2013
See Strictly Come Dancing on tour - Completed February 2013
Join Pinterest - Completed February 2013
Travel to another country - Completed March 2013
Go on a road trip - Completed March 2013
Buy myself some designer glasses  - Completed March 2013
Grow my hair down my back - Completed April 2013
Get an iPhone - Completed April 2013
Go to a music gig - Completed May 2013
Try chilli con carni - Completed May 2013
Don't empty my piggy bank until it's full - Completed May 2013
Don't buy anything on my credit card for 2 months - Completed May 2013
Go on a non-essential spending ban one month every year - Completed May 2013
Treat my family to a meal twice yearly - Completed May 2013
Do 5k on the exercise bike everyday for a week - Completed May 2013
Visit somewhere in England I've never been before - Completed June 2013
Eat 10 things I've never tried before - Completed June 2013
Sweet potato  /  Physalis's  /  Pesto  /  Iced tea  /  Parsnips  /  Lychee juice  /  Coconut water
Guava juice  /  Olives  /  Sushi
Try Sushi - Completed June 2013
Do something exciting for my 25th birthday - Completed June 2013
Lose another stone by the end of 2013 - Completed June 2013
Save £2,000 - Completed July 2013
Identify 100 things that make me happy/I love - Completed July 2013
Read at least 10 books - Completed August 2013
Paradise by Katie Price (May 2011) / The Gypsy Dressmaker by Thelma Madine (April 2012) 
Strictly Shimmer by Amanda Roberts (August 2012) / Living Life The Essex Way Sam Faiers (October 2012)
Live and Laughing by Michael McIntyre (March 2013) / Santa Baby by Katie Price (March 2013) 
Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe - Jenny Colgan (March 2013) / A Tiny Bit Marvellous by Dawn French (August 2013)
Confessions of a Police Constable by Matt Delito (August 2013) / The Only Way Is Up by Chloe Simms
Read 2 autobiographies - Completed August 2013
- Live and Laughing by Michael McIntyre (March 2013)  /  The Only Way Is Up by Chloe Simms (August 2013)

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