Monday, 11 March 2013

Money Saving Tips - 2

This is my second money saving posts so I hope there's some tip you can use to try to save yourself a few pennies.

1. Write a months budget
Based on how much you're due to get paid write a budget. Work out your outgoings and then you'll know how much you have spare to treat yourself! Of course try to save a little for a rainy day too!

2. Sort your direct debits 
Try to schedule your direct debits to go out of your account just after payday then you won't forget about a bill which could leave you short for the rest of the month or give you unnecessary bank charges.

3. Ebay outlet stores
Shops such as Argos, Schuh and Office list last seasons stock on their Ebay outlet shops at a fraction of the original selling price. When I lived on my own I got 2 sofas from Argos for £200 instead of £1000!

4. Cook in batches
Cook a big pot of stew or a big pan of curry and freeze half of it. They'll come in handy when you haven't got the time to cook or for a quick lunch at work and by freezing you're less likely to throw any leftovers which will also save you money.

5. Got spare parking
If you live near a train station and have a spare parking space then why not rent it out? Even if you charge £50 a month people will be willing to pay rather than having to pay for expensive parking at the station and £50 is better than having an empty drive or parking space. Search online for website which you can advertise on.

6. Stop buying bottled water
You get water through your kitchen tap so why buy it? Instead buy a bobble bottle which filters as you drink so you'll get purer water and at £10 it'll soon pay for itself.

7. Like brands on Facebook
Brands often tell their followers of Facebook and Twitter of exclusive offers before everyone else. These can include sales, discount codes and sometimes even free samples.

8. Orange Wednesdays
If you're on Orange and like going to the cinema take advantage of their Orange Wednesday cinema offers where you get 2 for 1 entry for films on Wednesdays. Easily a miminum £7.50 saving.

9. Mystery shopping
Sign up to be a mystery shopper and get around £10 for each visit you make. You'll often be asked to buy something, ask staff questions and return something but this can be done in under half an hour.

10. Free samples 
There are a number of websites which exist purely to inform people of brands which are offering free samples. These are more popular when a new product is released and baby and child products are realy popular. These samples also often come with money off coupons so take advantage if you like the product.


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