Saturday, 2 February 2013

Product Use Up: January

This is my first product use up post of the year and in case you missed it this post is going back to being monthly rather than every 3 months.

So what did I use up this month?

8 products finished!

1x face cream
2x conditioner
2x shower gel
1x deodorant
1x hair oil
1x eye make up remover wipes

I'm on a real mission this year to get my stash of products massively reduced and this includes using products that have been sat in boxes for months, and in some cases years. 

As I used up lots of part used products the end of last year I've started off abit slow but I'm sure I'll pick up pace soon.

Are you doing your own product use up challenge? Link me to your progress posts below!


Paige Cruickshank said...

i love the sugar crush scrub!(:

Zoe Lianne said...

i adore sugar crush body wash!! x

RebeccaParkes said...

I'm so guilty for buying more products before using up the others ones, especially face masks! I might have to to start doing this x

Anonymous said...

Tell me please that you hate the Sugar Crush body wash because I want it and I'm looking for a reason not to be buy it.. Go!

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