Thursday, 14 February 2013

Review - POP beauty baked eyeshadow palettes

You may have seen these featured in my sale haul post a fews ago but if not I bought these from ASOS just after christmas for a mere £10.50 each instead of £14.

I had never used POP products before so was really exited to try these out. They are baked which means that the powder is pressed and baked in tiles and can be used wet or dry.

When I got these I notices that the brown coloured on (top on this photo above) had a slight crack in two of the shadows (the last and second to last on the right) but didn't think too much of it, then when I tried to use one of these they both just crumbled which meant I had to do a repair job.

Yes my palette got messy, very messy! When I decided to do was scoop out the two colours which had cracked and put them into two little sample pots. This was I could still use them albeit I probably won't get anywhere near as much use out of them as I would if they were still compacted.

Anyway onto the review, as they are baked the pigmentation tends to be better than normal eyeshadows and this was certainly the case here. I have only used these dry but they have a lovely pearly finish which lasts all day. I have only used a few colours so far but I can't wait to experiment with the others and try them out wet as I imagine the pigmentation will be amazing.

I would certainly buy more POP products in the future and ASOS stocks a wide range of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh noes! It looks like a little sister has been in your makeup!

Karla said...

Haha it really does! I did save the crushed shadows though so it's all good :-)

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