Friday, 8 February 2013

La Mason De Senteurs Candles

Just before christmas when I was browsing in Marks & Spencers I stumbled across a range called Le Maison De Senteurs which along with bath products had candles too.

They were a mere £5 and at the time were on a buy one get one half price offer so you could get two candles for £7.50!

I don't normally like christmassy fragrances as normally they're full of cinnamon or pine which I don't like but the Limited Edition Juniper Noel had a lovely subtle scent of nutmeg, clove, cardamon and juniper.

The candles came in stylish glass jars with a simple white label on the front. This could probably be removed with soap and water if you wanted a plain jar.

What I first noticed about these was that even after an hour or two of burning I simply couldn't smell them. The scent was that subtle you could only smell it when you stuck your nose in the jar (obviously when the candle isn't lit!) I'm not sure if the scents are better in other fragrances, I might buy another one just to try it out.

Another thing I noticed was that even after the candle being lit all day it tunnelled. If you don't know what this means it's when the candle doesn't burn evenly from one side of the jar to the other and then burns down the middle leaving wax around it. 

Even after burning for 2 days it still did it. In the end I had to chisel away at the wax and then it kind of started to burn evenly.

If you're looking for decorative candles then I would highly recommend these as they are reasonably priced and look super stylish. If you're looking for candles to scent your home then try Yankee's, yes they're more expensive but the fragrances are amazing!

These are available from Marks & Spencers and are £5 each.


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