Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Project 10 Pan - My Ultimate Challenge

Whilst I am trying my hardest to reduce my stash of toiletry products I own, my make up collection will never reduce no matter how hard I try.

Even though this is the case I do have 2 drawers in my make up storage which are full of part used, open products which I got bored of using. These are what I want to try to use up by the end of June.

What are they?

No 7 Shine Free Face Primer
17 Miracle Matte Foundation
Witch Tinted Moisturiser
L'Oreal True Minerals Foundation

No7 T-Zone Rescue lotion
Too Faced Lemon Drop colour corrector
L'Oreal Lumi Magic Concealer
Soap & Glory Eyeshadow Primer
W7 Africa Bronzer
Rimmel Match Perfection Blusher
Lily Lolo Flawless Matte Primer
Blush Away (not sure which brand)

L'Oreal True Match Pressed Powder
Lily Lolo Powder Foundation
Wet n Wild Powder Foundation
Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation
Everyday Minerals Face Primer
Everyday Minerals Sunshine Eye Colour Corrector
Lily Lolo Concealer
Pot of foundation (not sure which brand)

So that's 20 products I want to try to use up! I don't think I'll manage to use them all but I'm aiming for about half as some are around 3/4 full whereas others are 3/4 used.

Like my Project 10 Pan posts from last year I will keep you up dated with how I'm doing and these will include other products I've finished.

Are you doing Project 10 Pan? Link me to your posts below.


Sheps said...

I wish I had the willpower to stop purchasing as use what I already have, having said that my stash isn't too bad at the moment... Good luck with this, look forward to future posts!


CC said...

I'm on a current no buy for the entire year of 2013. So far, so good! I'm having to avoid all cosmetic aisles at the moment, but I'm close to already finishing up a lot of products which makes me happy.

Good luck on your Project 10 Pan!

Sarah said...

I need to do something similar to this, my collection is full of half used products!

Sarah xx

Leanne Marie said...

Good luck! Im doing something kinda similar. Basically trying to rotate my daily makeup so items dont get neglected and ultimately finish up some products throughout the year! I've hit pan on some products and completely finished some others already so It's started off well! ;-)

Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

Anonymous said...

I started a 5 pan last September and I couldn't even manage that! Sometimes it's just easier to through old makeup away..... :D

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