Friday, 1 February 2013

The month that was....January

I was really looking forward to the start of 2013 but it started badly. I had Norovirus :-( It had been in the news alot about cases rising and symptoms of it but I have to admit I thought it was just a bad stomach bug and didn't get why it was a big deal. This soon changed within about 2 hours of being ill.

I had a fever (felt freezing cold but was boiling to the touch), sickness, headaches, severe muscle pain and a crippling bad back. My legs were so sore it felt like I had ran a hundred marathons and my back hurt so much I couldn't even bend down.

So anyway I had the first 3 days back at work after the christmas break off sick and when I did eventually go back to work I still felt ill but I'm over it now and wouldn't wish it upon anyone because I can't say quite how ill I felt.

Anyway January was also the month where the Beast From The East came. Snow, snow and more snow. Oh and ice and bitterly cold temperatures.

And I was also excited by the release of new Kit Kat chunky's and bought three of the new flavours.

After trying them out I can say that the choc fudge one is amazing! The other two are nice but nothing special.

So that was my month, I hope you had a good one too! 


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