Friday, 30 December 2011

Review - Lush Sweetie Pie shower jelly

Fist things first - Snow Fairy is amazing! Next year I strongly recommend you buy it!

Right on to the review of the shower jelly! I bought the Sweetie Pie shower jelly as a bit of an impulse buy to be honest. I was working my way to the till and it caught my eye. I read what was in it: cherry, coconut and cassis, I thought I have to buy it! Oh it also has glitter in it which in my eyes is amazing!

I had high hopes for this and couldn't wait to try it so off I popped to the shower and scooped a little out of the tub, then I thought how do I use it? It's solid and wobbly and I'll be honest with you, it was a challenge. I rubbed it into my skin and it fell off, I managed to pick it up and it fell off again. I tried mixing it with water to try to make it into a liquid but nope, it wasn't having any of it.

I envisaged that it would melt into my skin and the smell of delicious fruits would fill my bathroom but no I was left bitterly disappointed.  Maybe I wasn't using it right?!? I'm not sure. Maybe you need to use the whole piece of jelly rather than using little bits. Might try that method next time!

This is available from Lush and is £2.95 for 100g or £5.95 for 240g.


crazypoplock said...

I have Sweetie Pie in my shower room. U just take a little bit and put it in your loofa. That's how by rubbing together on your wet body then it would lather. (sounds perverted in the end LOL).

suzy said...

Sweetie Pie smells amazing, I love the scent. I found it quite hard to use though too. I read somewhere that you can freeze it and use it frozen. Think that was more of a summer recommendation though! xx

Karla said...

Crazypoplock - I'll try that next time I use it x

Suzy - haha yeah I think it is something to try in the summer! X

Ugly Duckling said...

I really want to try Snow Fairy, I've heard a lot of people mention it on blogs.

Shame about Sweetie Pie, think I'll avoid that one!



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