Saturday, 31 December 2011

Product use up - end of year

This month I used up these products:

2x deodorants
2x shampoo
1x conditioner
1x bubble bath
1x fake tan
1x face mask
1x face cream
1x exfoliator
1x shower gel

I started off the year by wanting to use up all my hoarded products which I did start to do, my collection went down but slowly it built it's way back up. Now though I don't work in a health and beauty retailer and rarely go into town so slowly it is being reduced and I am now not going to buy products unless I only have one left. Hmmm we'll see how this goes I suppose.

Oh and some of you might already know but this post is now going to be posted every 3 months rather than every month.

So that is it. My last empties of 2011. Now on to a successful product use up 2012!


Summer said...

You used up so many products! I rarely finish any of mine, I'm so bad at it. Doesn't Snowfairy from Lush smell just amazing? <3 :)

1tsmc said...

Oooh! The animal print jumper is so cutee! It looks warm too! :)

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