Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas round up!

Just a quick post to say that I hope you all had a fab christmas and got loads of nice presents!

I had a quiet one like usual and the day flew by. I'm going to do a quick christmas present post in a couple of days or so just to show you what I got. Some people don't like these posts but I always like reading other peoples!

Today is being spent lounging about watching Harry Potter and then Shrek 2 later, whilst eating a mountain of party food, yummy!

Tomorrow me and my mum are going sale shopping in Lincoln so hopefully I'll find what I want. I want the Benefit Cresecnt Row giftset and the Powda Wowza box which are both sold out everywhere online, please link me to sites if they're not. I also need to take back a skirt my mum got me as it's too big.

Link me to any good online sales and to your christmas present and sale goody posts!


Beauty World said...

I would love to see your presents :) I made a post with mine :)

suzy said...

Hey Karla - my Christmas pressies and sales haul are on my blog here if you want to take a look -

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