Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lily Lolo goodies!

Last week Lily Lolo offered a discount of 10% with any order and as I was coming to the end of my current pot of foundation I thought why not try Lily Lolo again! 

I ordered 'In the Buff' foundation and 'Caramel' concealer.

I've had sample pots of both of these products so I know they'll be the perfect shade for me. The foundation is priced at £12.49 and the concealer is £7.29 and they are available direct from Lily Lolo.


Rachel said...

I've been interested in this foundation for ages! What is the coverage like? Hmmm, I need to find some samples! x x x

Karla said...

The coverage is good and as it's a powder you can build it up from a light coverage to how you like. They sell samples on their website and they're only about £1.50 or something, great value x

Rachel said...

Oh yes, so you can. :] Didn't notice that before! Have ordered, thank you. x x

mary {figwittage} said...

This was so helpful! I've recently jumped from China Doll to In the Buff (hey, living in Atlanta you'll get tan) and I need to order the concealer. So happy for the side by side comparison and swatches! xx

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