Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The week that was....

This last week has been a weird one. I had monday booked off as annual leave and then felt like rubbish for the rest of the week, by thursday came I decided to only work half the day so I took the rest of the day and used some more annual leave! I have an awful cold and felt rotten by thursday.

Friday I had a job interview at the other hospital in Nottingham, its doing the same job as I do now just in a different department. I'll hear whether I got it or not on monday now. I have no idea what the outcome will be, I didn't answer the questions very well but I'm hoping my experience will have a strong influence.

I also finally got a stereo fitted in my car. It's been a long week without one. And it didn't enough work doing to it as originally thought and thankfully it didn't take as long as I was told because it was freezing wandering round town!

I also got my new uniform for work. It's horrible. The trousers are alright but my shirt looks baggy and out of shape. I needed a bigger size for it to fit round my boobs but then it's just baggy at the bottom and makes me look fat. Great.

Oh and as well as having a cold I broke out in a bad rash after having an allergic reaction to something and it's only just starting to go down. This has meant I've had 2 days off work and I have tomorrow off too. Urgh basically I'm having a rubbish time at the moment.

One last thing, hopefully our christmas tree will be up next weekend :-) this means that I can wrap my presents and get them shifted out of my bedroom, my room is a tip because there are presents everywhere!


World Of Beauty said...

poor you! hope you feel better soon! xxx

Karla said...

Thanks hun, me too :-( dead fed up of feeling like crap now x

Anonymous said...

Aww pooh bear! I'm having a stupid week too if that helps! xoxo

Karla said...

@Skind scrubs - it does help, but only a little ;-)

Karla said...

Oops spelt your name wrong! I blame all the medication I'm on at the moment! xxx

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