Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Haul - Boots, Next, New Look &.......Tesco

Another quick haul post, nothing really exciting but I thought I'd show you anyway!


Rapid White whitening booster gel - £7.14
This is a gel which you add to your normal toothpaste to help whiten your teeth and it's suitable to use if you've got sensitive teeth (like me!)

Witch skin clearing primer - £4.66 (on save a third, was £6.99)
Witch tinted moisturiser - £3.99 (also on save a third, was £5.99)


Bread bin - £15 (half price was £30)

When Next had their 2 day sale on there wasn't anything that caught my eye, I even forgot about my VIP slot. Then I caught sight of this groovy looking bread bin! I'd wanted a bread bin but the one I was going to get was a long cream one but this one is space saving (essential in my kitchen) so for £15 I snapped one up!


Dessert Truffle Eggs - £4
4x creme brulee eggs, 4x lemon meringue eggs and 4x chocolate brownie eggs
The creme brulee ones were the best!
Oh and I shared these with my mum, we had 2 of each flavour each!

Thorntons easter characters for Chris's two nieces - £4 each (the big bunny was £8 but was half price)

New Look

White polo top - £8.99

So I told you they weren't exciting! Buuuut thanks for reading!


Beautee.Guru said...

Can You Do a Review On The Tinted Moisturiser Please?

Karla said...

@Beautee.Guru - Yes, I have a review of both the primer and the tinted moisturiser coming up. I'll try to get it up today, if not it'll be sunday x

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