Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review - Beautifully Delicious

Beautifully Delicious is one of those brands where the products sound good enough to eat! They have  a range of 29 bath and body products all of which have gorgeous fruity fragrances.

I have the coconut & shea body scrub, lip butter, bath cubes, and mint & cocoa foot butter.

Coconut & Shea body scrub - £7.99
I like this product. It leaves your skin feeling really silky smooth and even though the formulation is like a sugar scrub it doesn't leave my skin sticky like others sometimes tend to do.

Coconut & Shea lip butter - £2.49
I didn't like this at all. In fact it is now in the bin. The fragrance is lovely but it tastes horrible. Really synthetic. Apart from this it was a nice texture but it wasn't for me.

Coconut & Shea bath cubes - £3.99
Again I wasn't really impressed by these. They left the bath water milky but there wasn't really any fragrance and each cube is individually wrapped in plastic so it's a right pain having to unwrap them.

Mint & Cocoa foot butter - Can't find a price for this
This has a nice scent, not too overpowering like some mint foot creams can be. I wouldn't call this a butter as the consistency is really quite runny but I did like it. It did moisturise well and sink into the skin quickly.

Out of these products I would purchase the body scrub and foot butter again but they wouldn't be my first choice.

Have you tried any of these or other product out of the range? What did you think?

Boots, Sainsburys & KMI Club.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this is Boots? I think but I've always been a bit dubious because of the price which makes me a total snob I'm sure.

Good to know that the scrub is worth it though, I shall put it on my shopping list. x

Emily said...

Such a shame the products don't live up to the name!xx

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