Sunday, 3 April 2011

My time off goals

Tomorrow is the start of my 2 week holiday from work! I can't remember the last time I've had 2 weeks off but I had a weeks holiday and a weeks lieu time so my manager let me have them off together. Instead of sitting around wasting my time I thought I would set a list of goals to do sooooo here they are:

Finish off my book
I've been reading the Christmas Cookie Club for about 6 months now, I only ever read it in bits and bobs so I never really get into it. I want to finish it and then I'll be on my way to finishing my year goals.

(Image from: Google Images)

Sort my garden
I've sorted most of my garden and planted some new flowers but there's still quite abit to do but my bin is currently full so I've had to wait to finish it!

(Image from: weheartit)

 Craft shop up and running
I want to try to sell my cards online and have a few ideas of how to do it but haven't had time to do it yet. You can currently buy my cards here and some are shown below:

(Images: my own)

Sort out my crafting stuff
I've been meaning to do this for absolutly ages! I have 6 main boxes of crafting stuff but it all gets really messy with stuff being shoved everywhere and anywhere so it needs a good sort out. My dream craft room:

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I have lots of posts I want to write and haven't been able to find the time recently so I'm going to write them all up and schedule them. Posts will include: reviews of Toni & Guy hairspray, Avon mineral foundation, Beautifully Delicious products, Soap & Glory, Korres and many more!

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So in a couple of weeks I'll report back with how well I've done! Have you got any goals you want to do at the minute?


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